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Review of Magic with a Christmas Theme

Official Review

September 16th, 2014 1:28am
Reviewed by Jeff Stone

I got this book just after the holiday season ended. So I held off on the review thinking that it would be more timely with our upcoming holiday season. Remember folks, we're halfway through September already.

Bottom line . . . this is a little pricey, but full of lots of good ideas. It's about 65 pages of ideas ranging from a brief essay on why you should do Christmas themed magic to basics about music, staging, effects, etc.

You're mostly paying for ideas, but there are several well thought out routines and presentations. There's also a section listing marketed Christmas effects, a section covering some of the basics of Christmas in different cultures, and several other resources. The cultural differences is an invaluable section for those who tour outside of their homeland. It covers England, The Netherlands, Italy, France, Sweden, Spain, United States, Mexico, China (who don't celebrate Christmas), Poland, Greece and Germany.

Further, the book covers gags, props, and other ideas on how to convert a standard prop/trick into a Christmas themed effect, show or routine. Though the book is somewhat amateurishly produced, the content is relatively solid. There are some "lost in translation" moments - it was translated from German. However, all of that is easily forgiven when you consider that there are a lot of "food for thoughts" and smart ideas, and sleigh load of things that will inspire your magic.

The effects range from stage to close up to children's shows to mentalism and more. If you're looking for a themed act or trick or routine, you'll find something of value in this book for sure.

Final Verdict:
4 Stars with a Stone Status of Gem.

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