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Review of Noteworthy

Official Review

August 21st, 2014 5:55am
Reviewed by Jeff Stone

For 20 bucks you get a below average production of a book with some average material.

My biggest complaint about this book is that the photographs are very unclear in many, many, many cases. I can't really rate the ad copy integrity because it simply lists the table of contents which means I have to explain the effect for each item in the book.

TacsMan(3.5 stars)

3 coins penetrate a Tic Tac box. The handling is fidgety and awkward, but I think it has potential

Sweet(2.5 stars)

Signed coin ends up in sugar packet . . . more fidgety moves with less than convincing handling

Window to the Soul(1.5 stars)

Instant stooge, plus the wrong angle can tip more than just your stooge as to what's going one equals awkward handling and less than practical effect.

Fair & Square(4 stars)

Using a credit swiper for an iPhone, you magically swipe the selected card off of a 52 on 1 card making the real card appear in the card box. The handling is a bit awkward (I detect a pattern), but the method is solid. Gabbay tells you where to get a free iPhone swiper thingie.

Clown Purse(4.5 stars)

Pretty solid handling for wand (in this case, Sharpie) from small tiny purse.

Coin Ninja(2.5 stars)

Awkward and angly handling of Karate Coin

Purse Time(3.5 stars)

Clever use of black art for a paradox card plot or a card to impossible (yet in full view the whole time) location effect

Paper Prison(3 stars)

Awkward (NO! . . . Yes!) handling of card under box, card to box. Using the same awkward and unjustified move found in Fair & Square

Dizzy Tenkai (The Card that Falls Up)(1.5 stars)

Imagine a muscle pass with a playing card . . . awkward and obvious

Gabbay's Coin Opener(2 stars)

Awkward (Again?) handling for a coin production with a lot of "nothing" happening . . . not good for an opener and relatively angly.

Regarding the essays . . . well . . . they've got some ok tips, but nothing that most people haven't heard already.

Gabbay has some decent ideas, but between the many awkward moves, the hard to see images and the less than practical effects, it's hard to give this one too high of a rating.

Final Verdict:
2.5 Stars with a Stone Status of grubble (if it weren't for Clown Purse and Fair & Square, this would likely have been rated as rubble).

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