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Review of Gonzo

Official Review

April 21st, 2015 7:13am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

The vanishes look awesome! After seeing the device and the instruction, I think this is a very good tool to show a very clean vanish. The device also works very well to make an object re-appear.

Clearly, a lot of thought was put into this device. It comes with different accessories and he has really put this through a lot of roadwork.

In performance, you can roll up your sleeves, show your arms and hands are completely clean and then cause a coin or variety of other small objects to vanish and/or appear.

The device is very good quality, and with reasonable care, it should last a very long time.

You will need to get set up in advance with the device, but in performance, the get ready and reset are very easy. You could wear this device for an entire show without problem.

The instruction is very thorough. He covers a number of effects including coin vanishes, productions, coin changes, coin penetration into tic tac box, and many more. He also demonstrates effect with other items, such as bills, batteries, etc. He also shows a wide variety of effects, such as a coin that is pulverized into little pieces. He has high tech effects, such as a coin or battery that vanishes and/or is produced in/from an iphone. This routine uses an iphone app. The app is called “card to phone” by Halskov. The App allows you to put a variety of objects into the phone. He also shows a really cool effect using the Lubor’s lense and a cigarette. All the effects are very strong.


You must really customize this device to you. You will need to work on getting it set up so it works for you.

The device is designed to cause a single item to vanish and re-appear.

This device is designed for people up close and looking down at your hands. This is designed for close-up, not parlor or stage effects. He talks about different ideas to cover exposed angles.

This is probably not for the strolling magician, unless your audience is a very small group in a controlled setting.


This device will take a bit of work to get it just right for your body, but it is very powerful and lends itself to very strong magic.

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