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Review of Vegas Aces (DVD & Gimmicks)

Official Review

January 17th, 2017 7:22am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
Cody Fisher is a real pro and his products (coming from The Magic Estate) are of the highest quality. Las Vegas Aces is no exception and it is his phenomenal version of Larry Jennings Open Travelers, but with a gaffed card. The routine takes about 2 to 3 minutes, is streamlined and direct and is like a machine gun attack of magic.

With Las Vegas Aces you get 17 minute streaming video which you can only watch as a streaming video and not a download. For me, that was annoying. You also get 2 Bicycle rider-backed gaffed cards, one red and one blue, in a sturdy plastic case.

The streaming video starts with a studio performance (with no spectators) by Fisher. His routine explains how he can use sleight of hand to win money in Las Vegas. The premise is based on the fact that he is telling the spectator how to cheat and them demonstrates it to them. It draws the spectators in who are amazed because the cards magically travel one at a time from one hand to the next.

Fisher teaches the explanation, without any accompaniment, in a studio setting and discloses the step-by-step, but does so super-fast. You will likely need to either take notes, watch it several times, or both. The instruction is excellent and the camera work and quality is top-notch, but it could have been slowed down a bit and broken into segments. Competency with some basic sleights is a prerequisite which means that this trick is not for a beginner. In order to perform this routine, you will need to memorize many steps, a chronological patter, specific handling and rotations of cards, or the trick will fail. It is worth the work!

The setup is quick and easy and the reset is almost instant. At the end of the routine, with basic housekeeping you can hand out the deck to the spectators. The angles are pretty good, but you may want your audience mostly in front of you. You will need to be comfortable dropping two cards as one and for that reason, you will need a proper surface to perform this trick on. You cannot perform it outside where cards will be subject to wind.

The ad copy is accurate and the promotional video is Fisher’s studio demonstration of the trick. Watch it and then if you like it (and you will), add to cart.

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