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Review of Ignition (Gun Metal)

Official Review

November 25th, 2014 11:07am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

I’m going to break this review into two segments.

First, the routine. In the online video, they demonstrate a routine using the props. The routine is pretty good. It will take a bit of practice, but it is not a knuckle buster. I would say that this is doable at an intermediate level or by any beginner with a bit of practice.

The value in this product is probably not the routine in the explanation, though the routine is nice. I would suggest that the value in this is if you were to purchase additional mechanic coins and use the Ignition routine as a small piece of a bigger coin routine, creating an entire routine that starts with taking one coin off the keychain, then perhaps the coin multiplies into several coins, and do any number of coin routines (of course, you would need to purchase additional mechanic coins and use your own methods for routines with additional coins). Perhaps the ignition routine could be the beginning and ending of a multi-coin routine.

Second, the coin itself. You get two mechanic coins to do this routine. One of the coins is attached to a chain and the other is a regular mechanic coin. If you purchased additional mechanic coins, you could use them in any variety of coin routines. The coins themselves are VERY nice. They are designed to be easy to palm and they slide across one another very quietly. One of the problems with collector coins like morgan dollars or liberty half dollars or newer circulation coins is they were not designed for magic coin manipulation. These coins were. Would an audience have any different reaction to the two different types of coins? Probably not. There are very few coin collectors so they could probably care less what type of coins you are using. With the mechanic coins, you can come up with different ways to explain their origin if that is important to your presentation. I personally use a Kinekt gear ring in my magic. The ring is not gimmicked in any way, it is just a ring that audience members find very interesting. The ring and the mechanic coins make a good combination.


The coins are excellent quality and the instruction is good. The only potential downside is if you want to use mechanic coins in other routines instead of your current coins, and you use gimmicked coins, I don’t know if anyone is making gimmicked coins for the mechanic coins.


Nice instruction, very nice coins.

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