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Gambler's Wildest Dream Review

Official Review

July 30th, 2006 8:00pm
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
Dammit! It's products like this that make me question why I do these reviews.

Sometimes I wonder if we should get at least one reviewer that's fairly new to magic. I do my best to be impartial when I write reviews. The problem is that I've been studying and performing for almost 25 years now. It's impossible to be deeply involved with an art for that long and not have formed some opinions.

So let me start by saying that this is not my type of magic. To my eyes, Gambler's Wildest Dream helps prove my belief that combining two effects rarely produces good results.

Gambler's Wildest Dream attempts to combine the wildcard plot with the Invisible Palm. Instead of reiterating the description, let me give you my experience with this product.

I started with the instruction booklet. I have a preference for printed material over video. I read the effect and didn't quite "get it". Then I worked through the moves. I still didn't get it. So I set it down for a few days and came back to it. I worked through it several more times and still didn't get it.

Don't get me wrong, I could do the moves. I understood the process. I just didn't understand the effect. So… I decided to see how Reed performed it by watching the DVD. I still didn't get it. The "performance" wasn't really a performance. There was the idea of a script, but it didn’t really hold together.

So what good can I say? Well, the premise of the effect, as demonstrated on the DVD was very interesting. Reed talks about how magicians learn from gamblers and vice versa. The technical difficulty of the trick is not out of reach for card workers, but might be challenging for the beginner. That's not a bad thing.

I'll probably just use the card fekes for another routine.

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Product info for Gambler's Wildest Dream

Author: Reed McClintock
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Retail Price: $25.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

A trick from the pocket of Reed McClintock!

Using simple notion to create great commotions, Reed McClintock has created Gambler's Wildest Dream to do just that!

It is generally understood by the mass population that gamblers cheat. This routine, even though labeled as an expose revealing gambling's biggest secrets, will take your audience down the garden path only to have them find out they have just walked into a tsunami.


Seven cards are pulled out of a wallet. Six are seen to be the same and one indifferent. Three cards are set down on the table while four are seen in your hand. A palming of a card reveals that no card was really palmed, but four cards have now appeared on the table. Six of the cards are now shown to have changed into the indifferent card.

A surprise ending so startling it will leave them speechless.

Catapulting your magic to the next level! Internationally acclaimed magician Reed McClintock will not only have you believing in the power of magic, but in the power of magical performance as well. Whether you are young or old, Reed's latest innovations are a must have for your repertoire. Reed McClintock's audience acclaim can be yours. This product contains everything necessary to go out and perform WHAT LOOKS LIKE REAL MAGIC.

Booklet Pages 8
DVD Running Time Approximately 17min

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