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Annals of Conjuring Review

December 14th, 2002 6:50pm
Reviewed by iluznst
If magic history is your interest, then "The Annals of Conjuring" is a must.
The reading can be tedious at times, but that is probably attributable to the period that it was written in. This is a necessary and indispensable reference book as I have had to refer to it several times while reading other magic books to fully understand what was being said.

Don't let the price scare you away, you've easily blown that much on worthless tricks. Aside from that, these books sell out quickly... that should tell you something too.

Product info for Annals of Conjuring

Author: Clarke, Sidney W.
Publisher: Miracle Factory
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $100.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

If you do not have this book on your library shelf, you are missing one of the finest works on magic history ever published. From 1924-1928 the Annals of Conjuring was published serially in the Magic Wand Publication. It was a landmark in recorded magical history. In 1929 Sidney Clarke printed only four copies of his complete series. Only four copies. Imagine the rarity of that volume. Here is your chance to get that publication with all the extras now reprinted by the Miracle Factory in a beautiful hardbound 639 page book with dustjacket. Not only is the Annals completely reprinted and reedited, but the additional material is a wealth of magic history. The chapters from the Annals covers Ancient Conjuring, Medieval Jugglers, Juggler's Tricks, Hocus Pocus, the English Showmen, Continental Conjurers, the Decline of Conjuring, Wizard of the North and Mechanical Conjurers, Robert-Houdin, Maskelyne, Maskelyne and Cooke, Conjurers of Yesterday and Today, and Oriental Conjurers. Then there are the Appendices; Installments from the Magic Wand, Clarke's Annotations, Clarke's Principal Writings, The Research of Arthus Watson, Hippolytus, Early English Recods of Conjuring, Scotto, Early Italian Conjuring Works, Entertainment in "The Spectator," Southwark Fair News Items, Fawkes Notices, Colonial American Magic, Magic in Early Literature, and Charlier. There is also a wonderful Bibliography as well as a full index.

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