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One Car Garage Review

December 14th, 2002 6:50pm
Reviewed by stanyon
Nicely gaffed card used with one of the oldest moves in magic, next to the pass. This effect will be limited only by your presentational skills and drawing abilities. If you don't mind mimicking the sound of a car engine reving, "Vroom, vroom!", then this trick is for you. For what you get the price might seem high, but if you're a worker the possibilities are evident.

Steve Taylor - Magic Taylor Made!

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Author: Sankey, Jay
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Manufacturer's Description:

Spectator selects one card from a shuffled deck. The card is signed. On the back of the signed selection you draw a rectangle with two little hooks inside. You explain that it is a one - car garage, and that there's even a card inside. The audience is a little skeptical so you visibly slide open the garage door in the picture to reveal the drawing of a car inside. The effect is an absolute shocker. The picture actually becomes animated and openly changes. But here's the killer - you can now give the card out as a souvenir. They will find nothing but the drawing. Uses special red-backed Bicycle gaffed card.

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