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Captured! The Outlaw Magic Of Lonnie Chevrie DVD Review

Official Review

January 14th, 2005 5:53pm
Reviewed by Brad Henderson
Here is the synpopsis: the material is great.

Here is the bad news: A lot of magi will miss the point since Lonnie doesn't have a room of zealous, over eager magic groupies wetting themselves on every minor moment of his routine. Instead you get a couple of West Texas real folk being themselves in front of a camera, which is to say, reserved.

However, the material is rock solid. The Bill Switch is great. I am a die hard "traditional handling" man, but Lonnie's lets you switch a white piece of paper for the bill and it seems like the bill just appears there, right in front of your eyes.

The card stab will fool any real person on the planet, and most magicians.

I have been performing the Chop Cup for years and while mine is very dear to me, what Lonnie has done really is brilliant. Imagine the leanest, meanest chop cup routine ever - with nods to Johnny Paul.

(I should add that Lonnie and I have talked at length about effects in the history of magic which could have been his inspiration. However, Lonnie is completely self taught. It is interesting to see how his stripping bare of these classic ideas may touch on themes some of the greats have explored, but yet are still very unique to him.)

The Dental Floss trick is a worker. It is a shame that that trick's credit got mired in the magical world many years back; but let's hope Lonnie receives the credit he deserves - though interestingly, does not crave.

Finally, his coin in bottle is the perfect solution for walk around performers. It's novel, visual, EASY, and practical.

The tricks on this DVD are all real-world-tested, thought-through pieces which any performer could use. Will they? It depends. They'll probably wait until they see someone else do it at a magic convention before they line up, but that is their loss. Lonnie's magic is strong and it plays for real people in the real world YET is still sophisticated magic you will be proud to perform.

The material is 5 star all the way, however I will give it 4 and a half. The production value is excellent, but I do not think the directing truly conveyed the impact of Lonnie's magic.

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Author: Lonnie Chevrie
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"A True Outlaw in the Field of Magic"

"Lonnie's Magic is visual, practical, and STRONG. I've been using it for years, and now youcan too! I'll never forget the day Lonnie changed that dollar bill into a hundred! It was like real magic! DO NOT buy this DVD! I've been doing Lonnie's great magic for years, and I want it all to myself! I repeat, do not buy this DVD!" - Chad Long

"Lonnie Chevrie thinks bout his magic from all angles. His style, dry jumaor and practical methods are creative, different, and very direct. When Lonnie's talking I always listen." - Bob Sheets

"Lonnie Chevrei is without a doubbt one of magic's unsung greats." - Brad Henderson


  • Grandpa's Dollar
  • Miss Kitty's favorite card trick
  • Silver City
  • Eleven Card Stud

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