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Korner Short Review

December 5th, 2004 2:26pm
Reviewed by Brian J. Hatcher
The Korner Short is a well-made device that will corner short a card perfectly and consistantly every time. Is it worth $25.00? Well, yes and no. The Korner Short does everything as advertised, and comes with a small pamphlet that will introduce corner shorting to one who is new to the technique. The Korner Short, however, is identical to the Carl CP-6A Corner Rounding Machine. You can see a picture of it here. Online or at your local craft store, it will run you about $7.99.

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Manufacturer's Description:

Your card technique is about to make a quantum leap! Kornershort, the perfectly engineered solution to the Classic Card Control.

One of the obstacles to the corner short's popularity has been the difficulty of cutting the card itself. Scissors, nail clippers and nail files have all been used with less than perfect results.

Enter the Kornershort device. Perfectly round, perfectly smooth corners every time. High quality, die cast construction that will last a lifetime. Now, there's nothing keeping you from the joys of shorting! And, it's priced very low for such a quality item.

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