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Negotiating Higher Performance Fees - Audio Tape Review

December 14th, 2002 6:50pm
Reviewed by Christian
Sometimes it is difficult to review an item because its value will be directly related to the abilities and experience of the user. That being said:

If you are a beginner in the negotiating phase of getting gigs, then I would highly suggest you purchase this tape. If you have little or no negotiating or salesmanship experience then I would tell you to pick up the phone and order this tape now!

It is a nice place to start the learning process about how to sell and negotiate. He covers some basic points and explains them well. As always, Michael Ammar is the consummate teacher. This is not the "be all, end all" tape on the subject. It is only a good place to start.

After getting this tape I would suggest you begin searching other books on the subject and learn it well if working and earning money in magic is the direction you are heading.

If you already have a solid working knowledge of business interaction there will probably not be much more for you to mine from the tape, since it covers the most basic of the negotiating tools.


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Author: Ammar, Michael
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Professional Johnny Thompson used an idea from this tape and earned an extra $900 on a booking the very next day. Abb Dickson made an extra $2,000 from one single client after listening. Bud Dietrich said, "If I would have had this 35 years ago, I'd be sitting on my own island somewhere in the Caribbean...excellent. If you charged $50, it would be a bargain. This is a memorable audio, filled with sound effects, professional actors, and simulated negotiations and telephone conversations. Listen: start learning and start earning. You can't afford to be without this audio tape.

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