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Hoodwink Review

April 6th, 2004 9:05am
Reviewed by Aus

Magicians and reality have always been seen to be stretched to newfound levels never thought possible in a layman’s eyes. In the magic fraternity this perception affects us in a different way. We often as magicians create the idea in our heads of the perfect trick, were everything from the kitchen sink are featured within it. This more then often leads to the expensive exercise of buying things in pursuit of that ideal we have in out heads, and I think that much of what we look for is never met and so the search continues. In many respects I feel that Hoodwink tried to aspire to this realism we created by boasting things like:

Uses any card
No extra pieces
Can be done with any card
The card can be signed

Although these things maybe true, it does come at one important cost that I do believe should never be sacrificed in a torn and restored card, and that is it being examinable. It just seems to me that after you have spent a minute or two making a song and dance about how you will tear and restore a card, you then go into damage control to try to prevent the card from being examined. This seems to go right against what you have done up to this point. I have heard alternative solutions to help solve this aspect of the effect but to me they all seemed to be anticlimaxes, ie: ripping the card back in half again and throwing the two half’s to the spectator for them to have a try. I think Ben when he created this effect underestimated the magic world’s perception of having things examinable and in so created Wink Wink, which was his published solution to the problem. However many magicians have talked highly of Hoodwink and those who aren’t phased by this aspect of the effect may find it the best effect for them. For me however it was not to be.

It has always occurred to me also that the flash restoration as what occurs with this effect is a nice visual touch to any act but I do prefer the quarter by quarter restorations because I personally believe that you can dramatise the effect a lot more. That’s just a personal preference. You will read review that are contrary to mine but it is one of those effects you like or you don’t.



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Author: Harris, Ben
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Manufacturer's Description:

You'll love this. It's one of the neatest and most "visual" torn and restored cards ever. Unlike the very beautiful "quarter at a time" restorations that are so popular, HOODWINK takes a different approach. It is almost like the TORN & RESTORED CARD you can perform when you really don't feel like going the "full four quarters." It's quick and the INSTANT RESTORATION will blow you and your audiences away. This looks so good that we predict you'll be ripping through entire decks just to amuse yourself. In effect, a card is selected and signed. You now tear the card in half. The tearing is fair, the audience can see, hear, and if you desire, feel, the tearing action.

The pieces are fairly displayed and then held in a small packet. When you are ready, the pieces INSTANTLY restore and the signature is in full view. Please note that only the one card is used, there are no extra bits to either add or take away. The effect may also be performed surrounded and with any borrowed card.

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