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Detour de Force Review

December 14th, 2002 6:50pm
Reviewed by Ichazod
This is an excellent effect! It could be learned by someone with no card skills at all in a very short amount of time. I always have this in my close up case, highly recommended.

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Author: Bannon, John
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Manufacturer's Description:

An incredible two card prediction that is easy to learn and easy to perform. Performer writes down 2 predictions, each on a separate piece of paper. Performer deals cards in face up pile. Spectator can stop at any card. Selection is placed aside. Performer shows that the cards are marked by having name of card printed on each of the backs. Deck is shuffled and the performer deals the cards into a face down pile. Again, spectator can stop at any card. Both predictions are now turned over to reveal they are wrong. Performer explains that the cards are not marked correctly ... the two selections are turned over ... and the predictions now match perfectly. The effect is outstanding.

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