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Color Fusion DVD Review

Official Review

February 4th, 2004 4:15pm
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
I have to admit, this isn't my style of magic, but it is very cool.

In addition, the DVD explains three different routines: one which requires very little skill, the "complex" handling which is basically as explained in the product description, and an "original" handling that doesn't require the special feke but is much less convincing.

There is also a "full restoration" wherein the odd corner is restored, but the restored card cannot be handed out. This might be fine for stage work, but in a close-up setting it's much better to leave them with this strange card with 3/4 in one color and the remaining 1/4 in another (with their signature all over it).

The method and creation of the feke is explained in detail and easy to follow. However, one of the card switches is pretty bad. If you've got the video, just try doing the switch with the Fusion Card face up. I'd also suggest always using a "number" card since the signature is what really sells this effect (it obviously gets lost on a picture card).

The production value does leave a bit to be desired, though. Eric spends a lot of time early on telling the viewer how wonderful this effect is. This is useless banter, in my opinion. Then there are these fast-forward scenes in which that nasty "screetch" from the video tape was left in. There's no reason this couldn't have been cut out during editing.

One last note: if you buy this DVD, watch the trailer first. The way it's organized the DVD jumps right into the explanation without showing the effect first. The method will make a lot more sense if you've seen it performed.

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Author: Eric James
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Manufacturer's Description:

Imagine this:
After a quick shuffle of your blue deck of cards, you turn the deck face up and spread through the cards allowing the spec to choose a card from the face up spread. You tell them to check out the card and make sure it is totally normal.
You then have them fold up the card into quarters and sign their name ALL over the face of the card. No denying this is THEIR card. Then you take their card, set the deck aside and tear out a corner of the card for them to keep as a receipt of their card with their signature.

Plain as day you have 3/4 of THEIR blue back signed card in your hand. Now here's the crazy part: At this point with no switches or funny moves you turn the 3/4 card so the back is facing them and VISUALLY change the back from BLUE to RED one piece at a time! You can even stop after each piece and show that it is indeed THEIR card with their signature and all.
Show the back, show the face, show it all. Want to hear something even more amazing? Directly after the change you hand the 3/4 card right to the spec, no funny moves, no nothing you just hand it right to them. They can even grab it right out of your hands.
They hold their "receipt" up to the 3/4 card and see that everything matches! The tear matches, the signature matches, even the back design matches! This is ALL examinable, no joke. They can even keep the card as a souvenir of this miracle that happened right in front of their eyes.
Want options? Well here's a twist, If you choose you can fold up the 3/4 blue card and put it into their hand so that the magic actually happens while the 3/4 piece AND the torn out "receipt" are in the specs hands. Don't believe it? Well believe this: Once the card is in their hands you never touch them again and everything is examinable immediately.

Wait, what’s that you say? Wouldn't it be cool if you could fully restore the final blue piece onto the 3/4 red card?
Why, yes that would be cool.

Believe it or not we will teach you a routine to even completely restore the final piece onto the card.

Now all of this might sound a little crazy so let's go over some things. This is a new and very creative idea that was created by Nash Fung over a year ago. Over the past year we have taken his ideas and created one of the most versatile card effects to be seen in a long long time. This principle is almost limitless when combined with creative magical minds. On this FULL-length 55 min. video we will teach you the ins and outs and every little detail you could ever hope to know about this new technique. We also teach you all of the routines mentioned above.

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