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Cohesive Review

July 14th, 2020 12:18am
Reviewed by CamCar
If you’re looking for a practical and new approach to street or walk-around magic then I would have to say this would be a smart way to go. Kevin Li and his team really outdid themselves on this project. On other gum trick products or DVDs you’re likely to find a couple simple tricks that won’t get nearly as good of reactions as many of the tricks on Cohesive.
Kevin mentions that everybody loves gum and that offering a piece to someone is an easy way to connect with them. So why not offer them a piece with a little bit of magic?
The production value is very good. Great video and audio quality and you can hear Kevin speak clearly and understand exactly what he’s saying. A couple things can be taken from other forms of magic too, simple but important terms like “mechanics grip”, “Biddle grip”, and “finger palm”. If you know what all of these things mean then you can do pretty much every trick on this DVD.
There’s not a lot of bad things about the whole DVD in general but I guess the things that I found to be a little awkward for me is that I bought this when I was first seriously getting into magic. I wasn’t very creative and couldn’t make my own gimmicks very well so I put it on the shelf and left it there for about a year. Now after rewatching Cohesive a few times to make sure I got everything I wanted to say about this review down and written in my honest opinion then I can truly say this was an amazing buy, especially for $20 or less.
If you’re thinking about expanding your range of props you can use in your close up performances than Cohesive is a great way to start. If you’re a beginner then the sleight of hand won’t be too challenging, especially if you’re good at crafts :), and for someone who consider themselves at the intermediate pr advanced level then you’ll breeze trough this project and hopefully gain some ideas to make your own gimmicks and come up with original gum magic routines.

Product info for Cohesive

Author: Li, Kevin
Publisher: Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $19.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

"I hate gum tricks, but I love this one. I'm fooled." - Justin Flom

Nothing is more organic, spontaneous, or surprising to spectators than taking an ordinary object and creating a miracle. That's exactly what you'll learn to do on Kevin Li's Cohesive. Here you'll learn the secrets behind a series of strikingly visual effects using a familiar object that everyone loves- gum. Not only will you be able to stun them with something impossible, but you'll also leave them with a delicious treat!

"Cohesive is highly visual, organic, and has become one of my go-to effects for my close-up routines."
- Rob Anderson

Here's what you'll learn:

Gum 2x/3x - Imagine being able to take a single pack of gum, then multiply it to create two or even three packs! They'll all see it, but no one will believe it.

Recycled Gum - Clearly show an empty pack of gum. Now close it -- the pack is completely refilled. Now you can hand out gum for you and your friends to share!

Fresh Mint - Change the color and flavor of the gum in the pack with only a simple wave of the hand.

X Marks the Spot - Draw an X on the outside of a mint strip pack. By rubbing your finger over the pack, the X has penetrated and is now on the inside of the package.

Appearing Strips - Show an empty mint strip pack, and magically refill it with mint strips that you can hand out.

"Gum 3x looks dope! I can't wait to learn that!"
- Shin Lim

"Cohesive is so sweet. Kevin Li is going to be DANGEROUS!!!"
- Hanson Chien

"You might find yourself in the perfect situation to perform where cards or coins are unfitting. Kevin Li shares amazing ideas with one of the most ubiquitous items known to our taste buds. Love it!"
- Jeff Prace

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