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Phantom Deck Review

June 21st, 2017 9:52pm
Reviewed by Jake Lundgren
//Phantom Deck//
Joshua Jay

The Phantom Deck is Joshua Jay's take on the well-known Omni Deck plot. What makes Josh's so unique is opposed to just having a glass block in the spectators hand they now hold 52 individual clear plastic cards, and in the middle is their signed card! You can almost feel the tension after the spectator sees all the cards are clear and you spread through the deck slowly revealing that one card has not turned clear. It's really something that you have to see live to understand just how powerful it is. Another reason this is so great is because, as I've explained before more tangible you magic is the more connection your audience feels with it. In this trick, the audience supposedly feels the exact moment when the cards go from a normal deck to completely clear. Audible gasp's prove that doing magic in the spectators cans creates such a better reaction than if you were to make the deck clear!
Included is a well taught instant download, and the deck of clear cards. The one complaint I've heard from many is that the sides of the deck don't look like real cards. While it's true that it does look quite white and uneven, no spectator in the world will ever notice this. They are far too busy being mine blown that deck of cards turned clear. The last thing on their mind is "is it just me or is that card look a little bit off" of course they're off it's a deck of clear cards!

Overall, Phantom Deck is a winner, it's one of my favorite tricks to perform and a part of my walk around set. A good rule of thumb is: if it has Joshua Jay's name on it it's probably a good trick!

Product info for Phantom Deck

Author: Jay, Joshua
Publisher: Vanishing Inc.
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Retail Price: $40.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Imagine at the end of your close-up performance, you cause every card in the deck to turn TOTALLY the SPECTATOR'S HANDS! Imagine no more-the Phantom Deck is here.

Building on the notion of the popular Omni Deck, The Phantom Deck is an entire pack of transparent, clear cards. When held together, they look, feel, cut, and shuffle like a normal deck...except that every single card is transparent. This allows you to make visual or surprise changes from a normal deck to an "invisible" deck of cards...yet it's an invisible pack your spectators can touch and spread and feel.

The sides of the deck have been fuse-heat treated in white so they perfectly resemble a normal pack of cards. With one cover card on top, you can place the deck in a spectator's hands, and she will be unable to feel the difference between the Phantom Deck and a normal pack.

The Phantom Deck was the surprise hit at Blackpool 2013, and sold out completely on the first day! This could very well become the closing piece in your close-up act.

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