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Colossal Magic Coloring Book Review

January 19th, 2017 7:18am
Reviewed by Vincent
Very good quality and nice video with valuable tips on how to handle the prop and present a nice routine. I have used it and what I like is that it is big enough for stage but can also be performed in someone's home, close up. I was surrounded in someone's living room and pulled this off! Great job Danny! Highly recommended!
Yours truly, Magical Entertainer Vincent!

Product info for Colossal Magic Coloring Book

Author: Orleans, Danny
Publisher: Vanishing Inc.
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Retail Price: $44.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

This is big! It's really big! - and when you're doing kids shows, bigger is better. That's why Danny Orleans has performed his Colossal Coloring Book routine in every kids show he's done for the past 30 years. Now he's made it available to the magic community. This is a professional prop for professional family entertainers. Over three times as big as the industry standard, this giant book combines a classic principle with a sure-fire laugh-getter - all on a ginormous scale.

After you first show the line drawings (so big, even the back row can see), the book's pages magically transform, becoming filled with scribble-scrabble! This is an original idea direct from Danny's act and just one of the hilarious moments of his routine with two kid helpers. Of course, in the end, the book's pages become beautifully colored. You can easily learn, master and perform this trick - and the staff at AmazeKids, who made the book, thinks it might just become the centerpiece of your kids or family show very soon.

Watch the video to see snippets of Danny's performance from his live show that is part of his DVD set, "The Art of Presenting Magic to Children." It'll give you an insider's view of this very special, jumbo-sized, cleverly gimmicked coloring book.

Here are the features: 15" wide by 20" tall 32 pages, saddle-stitched Three transformations: line drawings, scribble-scrabble, perfectly-colored Bright, 4-color cover with glossy UV coating Matte finish, sturdy paper pages with "specially-trimmed" edges Crayon-textured art on colored pagesAlong with the book, you get a sheet of basic instructions and a link to an instructional video including Danny Orleans' entire 10-minute routine. Plus you get two bonus downloads teaching you all about the Jumbo Vanishing Crayons and the Jumbo Nesting Wands.

This packs flat and plays big -- because it is big! It'll play as beautifully in a large theater as it will a home birthday party. The routine has enormous flexibility so you can add crayons and an assortment of breakaway props to "fix" the scribble-scrabble. These props can enhance your routine and make it your own. Get Danny Orleans' Colossal Coloring Book of Magic and make the impact at your next kids show really big!

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