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Dime Bag Review

Official Review

January 26th, 2016 5:06pm
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

This is the best coin to sugar packet trick ever! What makes this effect unique is that the sugar packet is handed to the participant. The coin is in the sealed sugar packet. The participant opens the sugar packet and pours out the contents, including the coin.

The effect uses gimmicked sugar replacement packets. You get three sets of seven gimmicked packets.

On the DVD, there is an explanation of just about every possible way of presenting this. In addition to several ways to present the effect with the gimmicked packets, he covers ways to present an alternative routine with a regular sugar packet and a dime. He also presents routines to do both.

Included in the routines are ways to perform the effect seated and standing, and using specific clothing or any clothing. He also has routines using an initialed coin and an initialed packet. There is such a wide variety of methods explained that you will learn some really good techniques that could be applied to other magic effects as well.

The methods range from very simple, to more complex or difficult. On the more difficult side is an awesome coin sleeving method. He says it is simple, but you will need to practice this quite a bit to get comfortable with it.

There are methods explained that can be performed completely surrounded and others that are a bit angle sensitive.

The product is true to the ad copy.


Not really a terrible con, but you should know that you get three sets of seven gimmicks of three types of sugar substitute packets. Once you have performed this 21 times, you will need to repurchase gimmicks. Gimmicks are available. The DVD does not teach you how to make the gimmicks, but keep in mind, they look so professionally made, you can't tell the difference between a regular packet and a gimmicked packet.


This is simply the best coin to sugar packet ever! Keep in mind, you will need to purchase replacement gimmicks, which are available.

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

Product info for Dime Bag

Author: Platt Magic
Publisher: Platt Magic, LLC
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $39.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

The coin to sugar packet has never been so clean, practical, impromptu and impossible.
Imagine walking into a restaurant and having a friend freely select any sweetener package (Equal, Splenda or Sweet n Low).
You instantly cause a borrowed dime to melt into the freely chosen packet.
It's really in the pack and the spectator can really open it and pour it out themselves.
Brian teaches tons of unique mind melting subtleties and handlings, including the use of date noted and signed dimes.

Instructional DVD
18 handcrafted, flawless Gimmicks

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