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Mystery Doghouse (2016) Review

Official Review

November 23rd, 2015 3:32am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

This is, after all, a Tenyo product. Like many Tenyo products, it involves a gimmick that can’t be handed out for examination. However, also like many Tenyo products, the device is more clever and fun than a barrel of monkeys!

This looked amusing to me in the ad copy and after receiving it, I see that it is really clever and a ton of fun!

It comes not only with the three dog doghouse, it comes with a slew of sponge dogs. The ad copy says it comes with “one set of sponge puppy figures.” It actually comes with four sets of four different colored sponge puppies, for a total of 12 sponge puppies!

The sponge puppies are tiny. The dog house is a hair over four inches long, or around 10 centimeters long. It is small enough to carry in a jacket or shirt pocket.

The quality of the prop is superb.

It comes with instructions in Japanese, but you can download English instructions. The instructions are good. They cover several routines such as a routine where no matter where you put the puppy, he goes back to his own dog house. You can make puppies change color, vanish, appear, or multiply.

The effect is true to the ad copy. If you liked the trailer, you are going to love this effect.


I can’t even think of any warnings with this one. You get what you see in the ad copy and more.


Many times Tenyo products get dismissed as mere kid toys, or perhaps somewhat of just a collectors item. While I do think they make great collectors items, this is one that you could just have a ton of fun with. See my suggestion below for a fun impromptu routine I created and performed just minutes after receiving it.

Suggestions from the Reviewer

This is such a fun prop! Within minutes of receiving it, I improvised a routine for my young daughter. I told her a little story about my favorite little doggie when I was a kid. His name was “Red”. "Do you know why his name was Red?", I asked. "No" replied my four year old. "Because he was Red." I said. I took out the little red dog and showed it to her and put it back in. I closed the lid and continued with the story. I then asked her the name of my favorite dog. “Red”, she said. “No, his name was Ol Yeller, because he was yellow.”, I said as I opened the lid to reveal the yellow doggie. The story goes on and for every twist and turn, the dog’s name changes. I kept asking her the name of my favorite little doggie, and to my surprise, she kept getting it wrong! She got such a kick out of it! Every time the lid came off and the dog changed colors, she let out a shriek of laughter.

I think this exact routine would play hilariously well with adults as well. Sometimes it can be great fun to get a bunch of adults to play as if they were four year old kids. This would be a great routine for a bar where you combine childlike humor with jokes about too much drinking.

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

Product info for Mystery Doghouse (2016)

Author: Tenyo
Publisher: Tenyo Co., Ltd.
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $19.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Transformation while trapped inside!

A series of incredible effects will leave your audience breathless! An adorable toy puppy changes color, and magically jumps from place to place while closed up inside a box. These visual effects are made possible by a new and unique mechanism, and are great fun to perform.

One set - Sponge puppy figures
BoxInstruction sheet

1. A spectator chooses one colored puppy from among the colorful sponge puppies.
2. The remaining puppies are inserted into a box containing three compartments. The box's lid is shut tight.
3. When the lid is removed, all of the puppies have magically transformed into the same color as the selected puppy!

Additional effects are also possible, including the teleportation of puppy figures from one place to another.

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