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Aquarium Review

Official Review

October 3rd, 2015 9:50am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

This is a great prop. I realize it has it’s bit of controversy, given it involves a live animal, but we will cover that. First, what you get. You get a clear deck that is a mini aquarium the size and shape of a deck of cards. You also get a single see through individual card. In addition, you get a link to video instruction and a small plastic sheet that you tape in the shape of a funnel.

The props are very good quality. Apparently, they spent many months coming up with the right prop to safely hold a live fish without leaking. They advise that the fish can remain in the small aquarium for 2-3 hours with the lid closed. They also advise that if you keep the fish longer in the aquarium, you should open the lid to allow oxygen in the container and close it up just prior to performing. They also commented how fish productions in the past generally involved thumb tips. It seems to me that this aquarium is much safer for the fish than a thumbtip.

The prop apparently has been improved since the video because in the video they talk about how you can download, cut out, and stick to the sides of the Aquarium a piece of paper that looks like the side of a deck of cards. However, the prop has an edge that has been processed in some way, perhaps by scratching it with long scratches along the side that make the plastic look very much like the edge of a deck of cards. I think in performance, it passes quite nicely as a deck of cards.

The instruction is brief, but good. In addition to basic instructions on the background of the prop, what you get, the setup, and performance, there are also several other videos with different routine ideas, including:
A routine where a borrowed coin ends up in the aquarium.
A routine where bubbles drawn on a card turn into bubbles in the Aquarium instead of the deck of cards, and then their selected card is revealed on the Aquarium.
A routine where a selected card is pulled from the deck and the corner ends up in the aquarium.

The product is true to the ad copy.

The difficulty level can be anywhere from beginner to advanced. There are so many routines you could do with this prop, some simple, some more complex.


One general concern is the safety of the fish. Their instruction in the video covers how to keep the fish healthy by keeping them in the sealed Aquarium for only 2-3 hours max before allowing them to get fresh air. I remember as a kid with a small Aquarium with goldfish, I would blow bubbles into the water to “inject” oxygen into the water. I assume this could be done as well. They suggest leaving the lid off if you are going to keep the fish in the Aquarium for longer than 2-3 hours. I would also suggest that you could purchase other props that could go in the Aquarium, like fake fish that will hover in the middle of the Aquarium. There are also things like sailboats that will float on the water surface. If you are not interested in having live fish, you have a variety of other options.

Another potential issue is the Aquarium is slightly thicker than a deck of cards, perhaps around 10% thicker. I don't find this to be an issue.

Also, some have said that the side doesn't look enough like a deck of cards. I think it passes just fine. I think that if you are concerned about this or the thickness, all you have to do is angle the deck a bit so the audience sees less of the side of the Aquarium and I believe the problem is solved.

In one of the explanations, the performer brought the Aquarium into play with the lid facing the audience. I don’t think this is the proper way to perform, but it would be simple enough for you to turn the aquarium around so your audience doesn’t see the plug at the top of the unit.


This is really much more versatile than just a clear deck with a live fish. I plan on using this, and I do not plan on using live fish, only because I don’t want to have to deal with keeping a fish healthy and safe. I think this is a great device, particularly if you let your imagination run and come up with your own unique routine.

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

Product info for Aquarium

Author: Lynx Magic and Gustavo Sereno
Publisher: Magic Without Limits
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $59.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Lynx Magic along with Gustavo Sereno created AQUARIUM, the most innovative and powerful clear deck ever created, where a deck of cards transforms into a small aquarium with a live fish inside, in the spectator hands!

In this illusion the magician asks a spectator to remove any card from the deck and to draw a small fish on the face of the card, which is then lost in the middle of the deck. The cards are then placed in the spectator hands, and the magician amazingly finds the spectators card. However the magician claims that he could find the card since it is not the only fish in the deck.

When the spectator lifts his hand the finds that the whole deck transformed into a small aquarium with a live fish swimming inside!

More than magic, create life and an unforgettable experience with AQUARIUM.

AQUARIUM comes complete with the specially made gimmicks, online video instructions with routines and other ideas.

Instead of a living fish other objects can be placed inside AQUARIUM, being the most versatile clear deck ever created to date.

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