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Victorian Coins and Glass (DVD and Gimmick) Review

Official Review

October 1st, 2015 8:22pm
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
When I first heard that this was being released, I was really excited because Kainoa is one of my favorite coin workers. I purchased this as soon as I was able and I am glad I did...

First of all, let me get the usual stuff out of the way: This DVD was produced by Kozmo Magic, so the video, audio and lighting quality were absolutely stellar. The menu was nicely laid out and easy to navigate. You can watch the video via the Play All button or chapter by chapter, including the two bonus effects included on the disc. You also get a very good quality glass that will help you with some parts of the routine. It is not gimmicked in any way, but I speak from experience when I say they can be a pain in the butt to find. More on the glass later.

The routine itself is very well thought out and it is easy to do. It does require a turtle gimmick (or those things you find on the beach) but there are no knuckle-busting sleights and the most advanced sleight used in the whole routine is an ROV (Retention of Vision) pass, and even then, you could substitute another type of vanish if you like.

This routine plays like a Coins Across and that is in fact what it is, but instead of everything taking place in the hands of the magician, it takes places in the hands of your audience volunteers. Now that is what makes this so strong. In this case of this routine, you introduce the glass and the coins, one of them holds the glass, they see four coins go into the glass, they see your hands empty, then one coin appears in your hand. This is very clean. Further, you then very cleanly dump the three remaining coins out of the glass onto their hand, where the glass has been sitting the whole time!

For the second phase, the see three go in the glass and one in your hand. A moment later, you have two coins in your hand and there are two left in the glass, which are once more poured out onto their hand.

Both times, except for placing the coins into the glass, you go nowhere near it - this is mind boggling to laypeople. The third and fourth coins are handled just as cleanly, but they both wind up appearing the hands of a third and fourth volunteer.

BUT, there is something very cool that you do with the fourth coin first. You have one of the volunteers (usually the one that has been holding the glass for most of the routine) help you with the last coin. What you really do is turn them into what Kainoa calls an 'instant stooge', only, they are not a stooge. What you are actually doing is creating more of a dual-reality situation. To the "stooge", you simply vanished a coin and put nothing into their hand, but to the rest of the audience, that person actually causes a coin to disappear.

There are so many cool things about this kind of situation and Kainoa points out a few of them in the explanations. I will add that beyond what he teaches, it is a very powerful tool and you can really creates some very, very strong and memorable magic with dual-reality and the best part? You are not revealing any secrets to anyone.

Kainoa also gives you lots of audience management tips and ways to deal with potential issues, none of which he has yet to encounter himself, mostly due to the routining and the wow factor of the magic.

There are two bonus effects shown that use the glass and the first one is the very clean production of four coins from nowhere. The second is a fun idea for a Copper/Silver transposition. The four coin production, if performed as taught, will take some work and is rather sleight-heavy, but intermediate and advanced coin workers should not have too much trouble with it. If you wanted to, you could change some of the moves to suit your own skill level. This is not a necessary effect to perform but it does provide a nice way to get into the Coins and Glass routine.

The Copper/Silver effect is quite easy and does require a turtle gimmick, but it is not difficult at all and is a very nice color change.

Now about that glass...the one you get is made by Libbey, so of course it is very sturdy and well-made. The glass itself is not gimmicked but it has a property that helps you with certain parts of the routine. There is a lot you can do using this property and though Kainoa has come up with some very good uses for it, he is not the first to use this type of glass for its properties.

I will mention here that if you are a fan of David Roth (and what coin guy is not?) and you are familiar with his work, this glass will also work very well for one of his effects from his book, Expert Coin Magic by Richard Kaufman and also his video set by the same name.

The great thing about this routine is that it really can be performed at any time during an act and it can be played to take up quite a chunk of time. Personally, I think it would be best-suited as a closer, which is what Kainoa uses it for.

I just have to draw a parallel between this effect and another one that is, in some ways, similar in handling, but the effect is different. That particular effect comes from the DVD by Lonnie Chevrie called 'The Journey' and coincidentally it happens to also have been produced by Kozmo Magic. The effect is called 'Funneled' and the whole idea behind it was to use a kitchen funnel as a substitute for a table for doing 'Coins Through the Table' and bringing it up to chest level, making it more visual. This I believe it does very well - it is clean, clear and easy to follow. Now, the parallel that I wish to make with the Victorian Coins and Glass is that it takes the traditional plot and makes it even cleaner and even stronger - it is a Coins Across that takes place in the hands of spectators rather than the magician. The use of the glass makes it more visual as well as adding an audio feature - they not only see the coins, but they hear them as well. Incidentally, the fact that it happens out of your hands and in theirs makes the magic even stronger and more memorable.

If you are a fan of Kainoa Harbottle or even if you have never heard of him, you will really enjoy this routine. It is easy to do, very magical and very memorable. Whether you like Coins Across or not is not up to me, but either way, this video would be worth your while and your cash just to see it. If you are the type of magician that does not care for Coins Across, this routine just might change your mind, even if it does end up being the only version you like.

For the quality of everything that you are getting and the fact that you are getting the necessary glass to do it with, $30 is an absolute bargain for this! Out of all of the reviews that I have done over the time that I have been doing them, this product is easily within the top 5 products that I have ever reviewed and I have seen some really good stuff out there.

VERY, VERY, VERY highly recommended!

5 stars.

Suggestions from the Reviewer

You can get the necessary gimmick from any good magic dealer and you can also get higher quality/custom versions from craftsmen such as Roy Kueppers, Jamie Schoolcraft, Todd Lassen, Auke VanDokkum and Thierry Magikoins.

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Product info for Victorian Coins and Glass (DVD and Gimmick)

Author: Harbottle, Kainoa
Publisher: Kozmomagic Inc.
Average Rating:  (3)
Retail Price: $30.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

This is Kainoa's pet routine, and it is a real-world wonder. If you've seen him lecture or perform, chances are you've seen him do it. Whether tablehoppingor on stage, performing for three people or 300, Victorian Coins and Glass is strong, interactive coin magic at its finest.

Includes instructional DVD with the complete routine as well as additional ideas and live performances (1 hr 22 min). Also includes the glass. You provide the coins and that extra something special.

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