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Sucker Sliding Die Box Review

August 17th, 2015 3:50pm
Reviewed by Vincent
There are so many styles and types of Die Boxes out there. Spend the money and get a high quality one, especially if you perform professionally. It has a good plot and more than anything else needs a good routine and performance to get the most out of it. It is strong Magically and great for kids birthday parties and can be done on stage as well. I do not have the one shown here. My Die Box cost $300.00. There are Split, Twin, Shenanigan, Collectors Clever and an English style, but I chose the Classic Style, decorated in an Oriental Style with the double door feature. I highly recommended this prop but get a good one.

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The famous sucker effect for kids that has them yelling. They see the die placed in the box, they hear it slide from side to side, they know how the trick is done, until you open all four doors at once and the die has vanished! Reach into your top hat and produce the die. Box is handsomely painted in oriental dragon motif. A must for the kid show performer.

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