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Bicycle Playing Cards (Gold Standard) - BLUE BACK Review

Official Review

July 20th, 2015 6:42pm
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz

There is not a lot to be said about "special" decks like this one when they look like every other standard Bicycle Rider Back on the market. There IS a difference though.

This deck is traditionally cut - a term used to describe a deck of cards that was punched ('cut') from the face. In other words, when the blades came down on the cards to cut them off the the sheet, the faces were up. What this does is gives an edge that rounds upward toward the backs of the cards. If you know what you are feeling for, you can tell whether any deck has been punched face-up or face-down.

So what does that all mean? If you do tabled faro shuffles or bottom-up shuffles, this makes them much easier to begin with. You still must learn the techniques, but the way the cards are cut helps greatly in accomplishing them with more ease. This also helps with one-handed shuffling.

This deck is printed on Bee stock and feels like any other Bicycle Rider Back or Bee deck in the hands as far as regular usage goes; it fans and spreads just as nicely and easily as well.

The deck comes with an ad card with a photo of Richard Turner on one side and a letter from Dai Vernon on the other, a blank face card and two matching Jokers. Card guys and gambling demonstrators will immediately recognize the benefits of the specific extra cards (the blank face and matching Jokers). If you do Greek dealing, Center Dealing or Bottom Dealing, the flexibility and specific thickness of the Bee card stock is another aid to such techniques.

The only reason you would buy this particular deck is because you have a need for it - whether you are starting to learn faro shuffling and want a bit of a leg-up or you do a lot of faro work (either tabled faros, in-the-hands faros or you perform the Gertner 'Unshuffled' effect). At $5-$7/USD per deck, it is not the kind of deck you would buy to use for signed and/or torn card effects. It will suit you well if you are using it for cheating demonstrations as well.

It does what it is supposed to and it does it very well, so if you have a need for a traditionally cut deck of cards, this is the way to go!

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

Product info for Bicycle Playing Cards (Gold Standard) - BLUE BACK

Author: Richard Turner
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Retail Price: $5.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Return to the Gold Standard!

Richard Turner's brand new Gold Seal Bicycle Cards are The Gold Standard in Bicycle Playing Cards and are now available to the professional magician, gambler, card mechanic, and every playing card aficionado in search of a great deck of cards. You asked for it - you've got it!

Magicians and cardmen from around the world have asked Richard many times to employ the same card-making standards he developed for his Gamblers and Bee Cards to create a top of the line deck of the most popular playing cards ever produced, the trademarked 808 Rider Back Bicycles. The magic community also asked that Richard include two traditional matching Jokers in his deck, as well as a blank card with the Rider Bike back to use in reverse fans. Performers of gambling-related acts will also find the blank card useful as a cut-card when performing Greek-deals and other moves requiring a nondescript bottom card.


Each deck of Gold Seal Bicycle Cards is constructed using Bee stock, world renowned for its flexibility, yet long-lasting durability. They are stamped to a caliper/thickness that facilitates classic moves like bottom and center dealing and are embossed to a depth that does not break down the structural integrity of the card, yet still allows each card to breathe properly, thereby reducing the gum-up and hangers often caused by finger moisture.

But, most importantly, since these cards were manufactured to Richard Turner's demanding personal specifications, they are Traditionally Cut!

The Process

Unlike most of the cards manufactured today, the cutting blade used in traditionally cut cards starts at the face of each card and punches through to its back. As a result, a sharp edge is created on the backside of each card and a rounded edge, which facilitates a flawless weave during each shuffle, is formed on the card's face.

Traditionally cut cards ensure that card men and magicians can easily interlace the cards to produce crisp, clean shuffles, especially with some of the more intricate shuffling techniques like the one-handed shuffle, and the faro shuffle, both in-hand, and on the table.

For over 100 years traditional card cutting was the norm, but the process was changed about fifteen years ago. Casinos demand traditionally cut cards, and so does Richard Turner. Shouldn't you?

If you demand the very best, be sure to look for the Gold Seal and gold label certifying that your deck is "Traditionally Cut for the Professional."

So, take it from a fan whose interest in quality playing cards was piqued four decades ago: a deck of Gold Seal Bicycle Cards simply feels right in the hand, shuffles flawlessly right out of the box, and will enhance the performance of professional magicians everywhere.
Bruce T. Samboy
Gambling regulator and longtime playing card enthusiast

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