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mINt Review

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July 17th, 2015 2:36am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

The effect is tremendous! I think the Tic Tac box is so much better than any other revelation boxes on the market. Having a Tic Tac box to reveal a card can be so much more powerful than some unfamiliar see through box as there are many on the market now.

The routine is equally tremendous! The subtleties of the patter in performance is really clever. He teaches every subtlety, including how to handle difficult audience members.

He teaches tips and subtleties that make this a routine that can be performed completely surrounded.

The prop is very good quality.
This routine is best suited for close up or parlor. It’s probably not best suited for stage.


This is not likely suited for stage, but rather for close-up or parlor.


Excellent prop, routine, and instruction. I think this is far superior to any of the other clear production boxes on the market for the reason that it works just as well, and is much more of a natural and convincing prop.

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

Product info for mINt

Author: Steve Rowe
Publisher: Big Blind Media
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $34.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

The ultimate anytime, anywhere card to clear box!

Steve Rowe's 'MinT' is a killer new card revelation for magicians of any skill level. Make a signed card vanish and reappear inside a transparent mint box, that's been in full view throughout! Just as ideal for formal work as it is for showing your mates in a casual setting, 'MinT' is easy to handle, super clean looking and just about the "ultimate card to impossible location"!

Includes Steve's full professional routine, where a playing card openly isolated in the mint box later becomes a spectators signed selection, where the SPECTATOR removes the card from the mint box THEMSELVES!

The mint box is a professional, hand made prop that you can use with playing cards, bank notes, billets and anything else that takes your fancy.

Includes special mint box, materials to customise your gimmick with red or blue bicycle cards, and a replacement label.


"This is one of the best object to locations I have ever seen. If you want an impossible piece of magic with an everyday object that's as clean as it is visual then look no further. Amazing!"
- Lee Smith

"Steve Rowe's Mint is as beautiful, organic and natural as a card to impossible location can get. I'll use this for cards, predictions and as a wicked out. It's so clever, I wish I'd thought of this!"
- Brian Watson

"Steve Rowe has created the most organic looking clear object to box yet, looks so innocent, yet the secret is fiendish, and it doesn't look like a magic prop."
- Chris Congreave

"By far the most practical, logical and justifiable clear box I've seen. If this isn't in your pocket, you are missing out"
- Mark Waddington

"Straight forward solid concept. Visual change! Perfect for walk around. What more do you want. Ticks all the boxes for me!"
- Ravi Mayar

"Steve Rowe has created a natural impossible location that is easy to do and is ..... Mint"
- Kieron Johnson

"Mint is a breath of fresh air. So simple, so clever. And sweeet! Love it."
- Stephen Leathwaite

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