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Merge (Gimmicks and Instruction) Review

Official Review

July 17th, 2015 2:34am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

This is a real breakthrough in linking finger rings. You get everything you need to have a ring on your finger examined by a spectator, take their ring, link them, unlink them, and have them examine your finger ring again, all close-up.

There are much more expensive linking rings on the market. For the money this is great! When you consider the effectiveness of the entire routine, this is super great! Your spectators are going to examine a normal ring. They can try it on, they can pull on it, they can look at it under a microscope.

The instruction is very good. You get a very thorough booklet for those who like to read, and a download video for those who like to see.


There are linking rings that sell for many hundreds and even thousands of dollars. This is much less costly. While the quality of the ring is not going to be the same as a gold ring, the routine allows for you to have the ring fully examined. In my opinion, that makes all the difference in the world. You have just eliminated the one and only potential method in a spectator’s mind.


Great props, excellent routine, and great instruction, both in writing and on video. This routine takes the linking finger rings to the next level!

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Product info for Merge (Gimmicks and Instruction)

Author: Paul Romhany
Publisher: Paul Romhany
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $49.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

The Linking Finger Rings is considered by many to be the strongest magic routine ever conceived. Being able to link and unlink finger rings has been in the repertoire of some of the most prominent magicians in the world. In the past this has been used only for stage work, however, Paul Romhany has taken the classic Linking Finger Routine to a new level with a close-up version that is designed to be performed under ANY close-up condition from the street, bars, corporate functions to restaurants. With the moves he has created you will instantly link and unlink rings which are in full view and done using only one-hand. If you've ever wanted to perform a Linking Finger Routine in a walk-about situation and be able to have instant re-set now you can!

This is the closing effect Paul finishes every walk-about performance with, whether it be in restaurants, trade-shows or just showing friends some magic - MERGE is something people will remember for a very long time where you are able to link and unlink their finger rings.

You will learn a one-handed link and unlink that keeps the rings in view throughout the entire routine.
No more fumbling to link or unlink the rings - everything is open in plain site.
The LINK happens in the spectator's hands making this the perfect walk-about routine.
The unlink is instant and very visual
Bonus ideas include using a pen and various other methods for the one-handed unlink

You will receive:
Regular Finger Ring with matching Himber Ring
Download video tutorial so you can watch and learn Paul's routine plus bonus handling ideas for different sized rings
Instructional booklet with bonus ideas

"This handling of the Linking Finger Rings turns it into an amazing close up routine. Something that has never been possible before in anything like this manner. It is totally deceptive and great visual magic!"
- Nick Lewin

"If you are looking for a well designed, thoroughly audience tested, virtually angle-proof, STUNNER of a close-up routine ... then Paul Romhany's "MERGE" is for you. Paul completely describes every nuance of the routines handling with detailed explanations, including alternative "moves" for various situations so that you understand all the in's and outs. You won't need to spend a fortune to have a reputation making effect at your finger tips."
- Dameon - USA

"Visually this looks amazing - The best handling I've ever seen - more brilliant thinking from Paul"
- Neal Scryer

"Paul has worked out a totally stealth handling with MERGE where you can do the most practical one handed switch of the gimmick ring, so good it looks like there is no move. I am so impressed with Paul's thinking I still wonder what he eats that makes him so clever."
- Alan Wong

"It's clear some serious thought and design has gone into this piece of magic."
- Franz Harary

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