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NFW! Review

April 2nd, 2015 6:07am
Reviewed by MM Breggar
When NFW was first released, I rushed to my favorite brick and mortar shop...and it was sold out. It was sold out at my favorite online store too. So a dozen years later ... Has it really been THAT long??? ... NFW is back on the market and it is still $15 and it is still a knockout effect. Straight forward and magical, four jokers "twist" Elmsely/Vernon style (actually three flip start with one turned over). And then magically turn into Aces.

Does this sound like Richard Sanders ACE effect? Well...yeah.... But NFW was there first. It looks cleaner, but in ACE the magic occurs in the Spec's hands. Otherwise, it's pretty much the same effect. If you are doing one, don't do the other.

There's is no DVD when you buy the effect, just a couple of gaffed cards. And as with ACE, you cannot have a four examined at the end... But no one will even be thinking about that.

The printed instructions are very clear and there are lots of demos to be found on the Internet.

I knocked one point off this review simply because of the Sanders effect. NFW may be obsolete. In fact, there are newer variations of NFW that have color changing kickers at the end too.

Still, it is a fabulous effect... Easy to learn (you'll need to be proficient at the Elmsley count) and a blast to perform. I have three different scripts that I use and I switch them out all the time.

And for $15, it is a tremendous value.

Product info for NFW!

Author: Freed, Gary
Average Rating:  (3)
Retail Price: $15.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

A complete sell out at Magic On Manhattan. If you have to ask what the name stands for, you haven't seen it done. You display a packet of four face up jokers. As you count through them, on joker turns face down. As you count through again, another turns face down. The effect is repeated with the next two cards, until all four are clearly seen face down. But when the cards are turned over, they have become the four Aces. NFW is a devastating and revolutionary twist on twisting. To see it performed is to want one.

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