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Tab Test (DVD and Gimmicks) Review

September 10th, 2015 3:25am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

When I saw the promo video, for some reason, I wasn’t excited about this.

However, I do love something unique and new. After watching the video and trying out the routine, I came to realize that it really has a lot of potential. In the suggestions section, I cover some ideas that not only overcome some likely common concerns, but make this something to use to make your magic routines build and have stronger impact.

The routine is great. The props are perfectly well made. You get four props, two red and two blue.

He teaches a wonderful way to perform this that ends with handing out your business card as part of the routine.

This is one of those effect that packs better than small. It packs in virtually no additional space. It is an accessory to your card box.


One concern is if the participant picks up the box after the effect to look at the tab, they may notice a discrepancy between what they experienced and what is on the tab. Wayne covers how to handle this, and in my opinion, this is not an issue. The tab is flashed for them to see for a second or two. They don’t have time to read every word.

Wayne raises a concern that the card company keeps changing the wording on the tab. He doesn’t think this is a problem, and I don’t either. Again, the tab is flashed for the participant very quickly.

See the suggestions section for ideas on how to incorporate this into a set of magic routines.


Really nice unique and new idea. It takes virtually no extra pocket space.

Highly recommended.

Product info for Tab Test (DVD and Gimmicks)

Author: Fox, Wayne
Publisher: World Magic Shop
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $30.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Wayne Fox, creator of Secret Soldier, Safe Keeping & Flick Drift presents: TAB TEST - a mind reading effect that you are guaranteed to carry, always.

Perfectly organic and expertly taught, TAB Test is an easy way to transition from your card magic into amazing mentalism without missing a beat!

The unique gimmicks included means there is no fishing involved and the effect is very easy to perform!

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