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Twisted Sister--Jumbo Review

Official Review

February 27th, 2015 9:29am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
The following review is for Twisted Sister 2.0, which contains a DVD. This trick will work well with jumbo cards, but likely not with an Elmsley count. Please take that into account:

If I could rate a trick with more than 5 stars, Twisted Sister would be it. There are not enough superlative adjectives that can be used when describing this devious, awe-inspiring, breath taking card trick.

In Twisted Sister, the performer shows two packets of face-down cards; one red backed and the other blue. He explains that they each contain the four Queens. The performer indicates that each spectator will pick a pile and name a different Queen and their cards will switch places. Then, each spectator names a different Queen and when the packet is spread, the named Queen is the only face up card in each pile of four. Then when the two Queens are turned over, they have the color back from the other pile. Then, the remaining cards are flipped over and they are all Jokers. No extra cards, no rough and smooth, no magnets, not threads, no hypnosis, no misdirection, no switching, no difficult moves, no s%$#t.

There is so much magic packed into this quick and easy to perform trick that each step of the way the spectator is amazed. First when the named Queens are the only ones face up in the packet. Second when they are shown to have switched piles by having a back with an opposite color. Third, and potentially spasm inducing, when the remaining three cards, in each pile, are turned over and shown to be Jokers.

I have never seen a spectator not be stunned by this trick. If you want to check it out yourself, watch the promotional video at and watch John Bannon perform his great creation. What you see is what you get. Brought to you by Murphy’s Magic, produced by Big Blind Media and explained by Bannon. The ad copy is accurate, it is “incredibly powerful,” “ingenious” and it “will simply blow your audience away.” One comment however, the ad copy says there is no sleight of hand at all. That is true in that it can be performed without the Elmsley Count, but Bannon teaches the trick using an Elmsley Count. I have performed the trick both ways and I have no preference. They both work equally as strong.

For a great price, you get a DVD, a plastic card case, and the eight needed cards (which include the gaffed cards) which are Bicycle Mandolin backed cards (809’s). John Bannon clearly teaches every aspect of the trick in a Las Vegas hotel room, instead of a studio. It’s a bit weird, especially since the flatscreen TV is on in the background during an episode of Law & Order (or something like that) and you see the back of the hotel room door, but that that shouldn’t bother anyone too much. There are a few interview segments with Bannon talking about the trick and even two bonus tricks taught on the DVD. The DVD also contains a file with the original pre-DVD written instructions, which are clear and easy to follow. The only criticism I have (and it is minor) is that I would have preferred a predominant magician’s point of view during the instruction instead of the predominant audience point of view.

This trick can be reset under the table in about 3 seconds. This is one of the best deals out there for an awesome and ingenious trick. Like I said, if I could give it more than 5 stars I would.

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Author: Bannon, John
Publisher: A-1 Multimedia
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Retail Price: $30.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Show two packets of face-down cards, each packet containing four cards. One packet is red-backed; the other is blue backed. Place the packets on the table. Ask a spectator to select either packet, red or blue. Whichever packet he chooses you use. No force. Ask the spectator to imagine that his packet consists of four face-down Queens. Ask him to merely think of one of the Queens - Hearts, Clubs, Spades or Diamonds. A totally free choice. Ask a second spectator to concentrate on the remaining four-card packet. He is to think of a different Queen than the first spectator's. Now, without touching the cards, you claim that you have caused the two selections to change place. The first spectator names his card. You spread the packet. There is one card face up. It is the selected Queen. Do the same with the second packet. The second spectator's card is the only one face up. It's an absolute miracle.

Explain that if the cards really changed place, the backs of the selected Queens would have also changed place. The face-up Queen in the red packet is turned over. It has a blue back. The face-up Queen in the blue packet is turned over. It has a red back. Point out that it is very interesting that the two spectators selected the Queens they did, because the rest of the cards are all Jokers. Turn them all face up to prove it.

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