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At the Table Live Lecture - Jason England Review

Official Review

October 23rd, 2014 6:00am
Reviewed by Josh Burch
Of course Jason England is one of the foremost experts on card magic and gambling cheats. He has performed as a hand double in many settings and lectures regularly on cheating techniques. In this lecture he covers classic card magic as well as entertaining gambling demonstrations.

The Classics: Jason covers 3 basic tricks here from Vernon and Charlie miller. If you are a student of card magic chances are you know all of the tricks he teaches here but if you are new to card magic these are three need to know effects that he teaches, if you don’t already own Stars of Magic, Expert Card Technique and Vernon’s Inner Card Trilogy then this is a great video representation of 3 of their most legendary tricks.

Triumph: A card is selected, the cards are shuffled face up into face down, but magic all the cards right themselves. For those who are familiar with Jason England you know that this is one of his all time favorite effects. He performs it as good as anyone else and his touches involving a crimp, and his version of Daryl’s triumph display really go a long way to elevate this effect. He touches on the difference between what Vernon actually performed and what is explained in Stars of Magic as well.

He covers the Zarrow shuffle as well. His thoughts were interesting but I felt like he was concentrating on the wrong aspects of the shuffle and it harms the effectiveness of his shuffle.

Twisting the Aces: One at a time the aces turn over without any obvious sleight of hand by the magician. This is almost completely what is taught in Vernon’s Inner Card Trilogy with the adition of an excellent sleight in the last phase and a visual kicker courtesy of Derek Delgaudio. If you perform twisting the aces by Vernon then you should look into England's touches.

Dunbury’s Delusion/ Fingerprint: These 2 tricks in Jason’s book are virtually the same in effect. The magician seems to have made a mistake and then it all works out anyways. Both are offbeat methods to find a selected card. England takes his cue from Vernon here and performs Fingerprint for ladies and Dunbury’s Delusion for gentlemen. For those familiar with Charlie Miller’s version of Dunbury’s Delusion as outlined in Expert Card Technique you know that it requires repeated second deals, Jason has eliminated the seconds without disturbing the main effect.

Grand Slam for Brother Jon: This is a wonderful demonstration of cheating at bridge that works for bridge players as well as those who don’t play bridge. After the spectator shuffles and deals you are able to control every spade in the deck to your hand. This is almost self working, of you can do a Zarrow shuffle There’s a lot of dealing here.

Poker Tells: Jason presents this as a way to read “tells” in a game of cards. He has added a kicker where he ends up with the winning hand even when all those involved get to chose their hand. This is a very cool effect with a large set up, he says that it would work well as a closer.
Instant Full House: This is a complex way to stack 2 hands on the fly, and it looks like the spectator has you beat till the last moment. Jason developed this as a way to deal with difficult spectators. There are some false shuffles and riffle stacking required.

The Gathering: I didn’t really see the point to Jason’s handling in this. This is a classic Marlo idea and if I remember right it is almost completely self working in its original state, however when Jason performs it you now add a few bottom deals, riffle stacking and false shuffles. Basically 5 hands are dealt, each spectator selects a card in their hand and they are shuffled back in the deck, the cards are re-dealt and the dealer ends up with all the selections.

For those of you who are familiar with Jason’s DVDs and downloads you know that he is great at a lot of very difficult card sleights and moves. During this lecture he really didn’t go over too many of these sleights. He touches on the Zarrow, shows a drill for the second deal and gave some tips for shuffle stacking.

Mostly what he covers is the old classics and newer gambling related routines. For many this will come off as dry old fashioned magic but for those close up workers who do magic for an older crowd, this may be perfect for you. Personally I really enjoyed the mix of different card effects taught here.

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Author: England, Jason
Publisher: Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.
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Manufacturer's Description:

Jason England is acclaimed the world over for two things: his classical approach to magic's most enduring effects, and his ability to perfectly execute the most challenging cheating moves ever devised. Join Jason with host Eric Jones to get a closer look at both the classical magic he is known for, and the cheating techniques that make him the envy of card enthusiasts everywhere. To top it off, Jason shares with you an unpublished ending for Twisting the Aces by his close friend Derek Delgaudio, as well as a gambling routine that has never been performed or released.

Three Magic Classics:
Triumph: We have asked Jason to do something unusual here. He is teaching Vernon's Triumph effect EXACTLY as it appears in Stars of Magic, with the singular addition of Daryl's cutting display sequence. Jason believes this to be an absolutely perfect effect - and we agree. Many great effects have been "killed by improvement," and to have a master teach us the true subtleties of the shuffle sequence and reveal is a rare opportunity you won't want to miss.
Twisting the Aces: Another Vernon classic that looks effortlessly perfect in Jason's hands. The routine, many feel, needs a stronger finish, and Jason is teaching (with permission) Derek Delgaudio's finesse at the conclusion of the now-classic Twisting the Aces.
Dunbury's Delusion/Fingerprint Card Trick: This is a workhorse routine that Jason has used faithfully for laymen and magicians for more than twenty years.

Gambling Section:
Poker Tells: For the first time ever, Jason shares with you something that has NEVER been published. Anywhere.
Grand Slam for Bro. John: You teach a spectator how to cheat at Bridge, and then they do!
The Gathering: Four thought-of cards gather into one hand without your spectators revealing anything about their selections
Instant Full House: A full house appears out of nowhere in a head to head game of poker.
Jason also performed requests and gave ad

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