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Vaniss Review

Official Review

July 26th, 2014 12:04am
Reviewed by Josh Burch
Well on this download you will learn 5 ways to do just about the same thing, make a coin vanish at the fingertips. All of these are complete vanishes, meaning you can show both sides of your hands at the end.

This vanish requires a certain wardrobe. It happens so quickly that it really looks like it melts away. You will learn a new get ready that you do as you roll up the sleeves as well as a new sleight to make the coin vanish. It it is performed at chest level. This is a little knacky but with a little bit of time you will have this down. I was able to do it after just a few minutes.

This is a tough vanish that leads into a nice ditch. You will need to be wearing something specific for this as well. This vanish is best performed either the spectator to the magicians side or in front of the magician Most experienced coin workers will be able to get the ditch down even if they do not do the vanish. The ditch does require a hand washing sequence that may not suit everyone.

This is a beautiful coin vanish that is performed at eye level. This kind of turns classic coin magic on its head and it is extremely creative. You learn a new vanish and a slick ditch as well as a way to clean up if it doesn’t go perfectly. You can perform this with your sleeves pushed back a bit on your arms as well.

This is a very creative vanish and production that can be performed at eye level without any clothing requirements. It does use a very clever hold out and it will not work for all coins. The angles are a little tight here hand you have some strict choreography you will need to follow to perform the vanish. This is very creative, it has a few very specific requirements that may make it difficult to perform in the real world but it seems doable for some.

The NP Technique was released a while back alone, now you can use it to make a coin vanish with your sleeves rolled up. This is a very clever utility move, it has some angle considerations and clothing requirements but for what it does it is worth the practice. This is the kind of utility move that I can see a creative magician really running with.

So, on this download you will learn 5 knacky total coin vanishes. You can display the front and back of your hands in each one. It really seems like one of these will fit just about anyones style.

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Product info for Vaniss

Author: Deepak Mishra
Publisher: Deepak Mishra
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $4.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

VANISS is a collection of five complete coin vanishes all performed at the fingertips created by D'Puck M'Shra.

Imagine being able to make a regular coin vanish at the very tips of your fingers. Learn Five different Methods to do exactly that. Make a coin vanish at the fingertips with un-gimmicked coins.

In this download you will learn 5 different methods:



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