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Cubio Review

December 27th, 2013 4:02pm
Reviewed by Vincent
I recommend getting the jumbo size. This is a great effect. I always search for practical angle proof, portable Magic Props. This does it all. The only thing you need to add is showmanship and a good story.
One way to make the routine fun is to involve your audience. Kids and adults like this. It can be done close-up or on stage. Highly recommended. You will have people asking you for the secret.
A true Magician does not tell the secret. Remember.

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It's a little cube with a hole in it, threaded onto a string. When the string is held vertically, of course the cube slides down to the bottom. Yet, at the magicians command, the cube will stop at mid-fall. When the spectators try it, it won't work. Only you know the secret -- and everything may be examined.

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