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Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks Volume 2 by Big Blind Media - DVD Review

Official Review

September 24th, 2013 3:46am
Reviewed by Jeff Stone

I love getting DVDs like this. They're easy to review, and not much needs to be said.

Ad Copy Integrity

First, the ad copy was 95% accurate. These are easy to do effects that are very powerful, and they truly are creations from some of the greatest minds in magic. However, the claim that no sleight of hand is needed, is a bit iffy. There are a couple of times where a false shuffle and/or a card control is needed. They teach you how to do it, and they even somewhat justify it as not violating the "no sleight of hand rule."

Frankly, I'm cool with it, and you should be too now that you know what you're getting. However, if you want something that is 100% self-working, a) there's no such thing, b) most of these fit the definition of what people mean when they say "100% self working."

Production Quality

It's Big Blind Media, home of Owen Packard and his manly goat-beard . . . I'm a big fan. I can't think of a BBM production that wasn't top notch and super high tech. This one is no exception. The content is easy to navigate (i.e., the menu is excellent). The lighting, sound, angles, cinematography, etc. is excellent. No complaints there.

Effects and Methods

The material itself is excellent. Again, I know that it's all a matter of taste, and style, etc. However, if you're into self-working effects or, better said, effects that require minimal effort, thus allowing you to truly focus on audience connection and presentation, then you'll love this collection. I instantly added Password Fallacy to my impromptu card repertoire. It's got an easy technique and an excellent presentational hook: passwords, and security.

There wasn't an effect on here that I didn't like, but more importantly, there wasn't an effect that is beyond the skill level of even the newest performer. The effects and methods are simple and some of the effects really just seem totally impossible (e.g., Ryan Schlutz's Sense-Sational).

Final Thoughts

Bottom line folks: if you're looking to quickly add some easy to do card effects that (mostly) seem totally impossible, you've found your happy place. Spend your next $30 bucks on this DVD.

Final Verdict:
4.5 Stars with a Stone Status of GEM.

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Product info for Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks Volume 2 by Big Blind Media - DVD

Author: Went, James; Montier, Liam; Moran, Iain; Packard,
Publisher: Big Blind Media
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $30.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Featuring creations from some of the greatest minds in magic, Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks Vol 2, is jam packed with incredible card tricks that require NO sleight of hand.

The nine stunning routines on offer prove that it's not HOW the trick is done - it's 100% about WHAT your audience perceives. None of these tricks require sleight of hand, but they are absolutely, mind fryingly awesome. Some of the methods are so devious that you'll fool yourself when you perform them.

From John Bannon's self working, instantly resetting packet trick 'Poker Pairadox' to Ryan Schlutz's three phase masterpiece 'Sense-sational' to Peter Duffie's ingenious 'Four Most' - these are tricks that you will perform again and again and again.

So grab a deck and join your hosts James Went (from the smash hit BBC show 'Help, My Supply Teacher Is Magic'), Liam Montier, Iain Moran, Ryan Schlutz and Owen Packard, and prepare to learn some of the greatest card tricks ever invented.

1. Mind Mirror (Jack McMillan)
2. Convergence (Cameron Francis)
3. Stock Exchange (John Guasterferro)
4. Sense-sational (Ryan Schultz)
5. Poker Pairadox (John Bannon)
6. Four Most (Peter Duffie)
7. Password Fallacy (Jim Steinmeyer)
8. Amara Rises Again (Ryan Matney)
9. Blind Choice (Roy Walton)

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