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Obedient Silks Review

May 28th, 2013 11:03pm
Reviewed by Vincent
I have the original Rice version by Silk King Studios. Yes. It does work like it says. But be prepared. It takes practice and a good presentation. I have the non-Gimmicked version. Nice visual effect. Professional Magic for Stage or Parlour. I recommend this for the Experienced performer.
Yours truly, Magical Entertainer Vincent

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He holds the tape stretched between his hands high above his head. Members of the audience freely nominate ANY of the coloured silk handkerchiefs, as the colours are called, slowly and spookily the silks begin to eerily move. The chosen coloured handkerchief unties itself from the tape and flutters to the floor! This is immediately repeated with the other silks along the tape.
The climax is really STUNNING and a certain cue for applause. Whatever coloured silk is called that silk slowly unties itself, the knot visibly uncurls, the silk flutters away. This is so colourful and visual an effect that it can be used before any type of audience, even children love it.

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