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Devil's Bottle DVD Review

January 27th, 2014 9:25pm
Reviewed by Tabby
I have always been very interested in the devil's cola bottle, even before it appeared in David Blaine's TV special, so finally after 4 years of debating on whether or not to purchase this, I finally did. What I received was a DVD with no label on it inside of a black envelope which was sealed with wax.

The content of DVD itself is decent but not exactly what the ad promised, James goes through the history of the effect, safety, equipment and the procedure to manufacture the bottles. The video audio quality is very good and his explanation on safety precautions are very good.

The problem I had with this DVD is that unlike the ad, he does not go over every necessary detail of the equipment needed and procedure, in all honestly it seemed somewhat unclear. So you will have to do some research on your own. I also really wish they would have given a full demonstration of a set of bottles actually being made, it would have been helpful.

The ad promises 60 minutes of detailed instructions, you only receive 40 minutes of instructions and 20 minutes of James Clark talking about piracy and his humanitarian work. When I contacted James' store about my issues with the DVD I was told look up the information on the net that was supposed to be covered on his DVD online. And they weren't exactly polite about it either.

Over all you will get a DVD with 40 minutes of instructions which will also require you to do some external research and re-watching, you may also need to figure some simple things out on your own. I give this Product 3 1/2 stars out of 5 because it was not entirely true to the ad copy but you will be able to make the bottles, the DVD was unclear in some areas, unsatisfactory customer service and for 100.00 dollars they could have at least put a DVD label on the disk and put it in a more protective case as opposed to a black paper envelop.

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Author: James L. Clark
Publisher: James L. Clark
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Retail Price: $99.99
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Manufacturer's Description:

•The effect when it was first released sold for $1000. All you got was a crapy 12 page doc.
•The Devil's Pitcher sells for a whopping $3K, which is totally nuts!
•I got the equipment I needed for less than $100 to make these bottles. Yes, even the big ticket item.
•Total invesment of my actual time to make them, about 5 minutes each set of 6-10 bottles.
•I get my bottles for free. No cost, unlike light bulbs or glasses if I want to do glass-based PK effects.
•NO stone is unturned, and I teach what you REALLY have to do. It's one HOUR of instruction.
•I teach a way to do it without dropping anything in the bottle. But also a GREAT reason for doing it too.
•I included a way I found to make the bottles work virtually each and every time.
•People think its hard, but that's because they've never made them. Making them is almost automatic!
•DIY magic gives you the power to create, rather than having to buy it from others.
•A portion of EACH DVD goes to charity. See

I first saw this years ago, and I loved it. Ask yourself: have you ever wanted to hold a bottle in your hand, concentrate on it, and make it shatter? Or do the same thing while it's in a spectator's hand? Well, you can. The illusion, which has been a well-kept secret for years, is called the Devil's Bottle. The Youtube video I saw has over 90K hits.


The effect has been performed by Penn & Teller, Keith Barry, Cyril Takayama, Dynamo, and countless others on television, at private functions, in theater shows, and corporate gigs. Why? Well, because it's a great looking effect. Sure, not everyone will want it. But if you do, now you can and for far less than before.


The idea of shattering glass objects like bottles, glasses, beakers, flasks, and so on isn't new; it's something that's fascinated magicians and mentalists for decades. All Mann wrote about it in The Shattered Chalice, and the well-respected magician Charles Buckner was the first to use Coke bottles that broke in a similar way to the traditional Devil's Flask and Devil's Tears.


In this DVD I will teach you how to make Devil's Bottles, Flasks, Pitchers, et cetra. I focus on beer bottles, cola and soda pop bottles, and discuss alternatives like Mason Jars, Apothecary Bottles, and so on.


Around 2003 an enterprising magician in California began selling his reverse engineered version of the effect for $1000 to uninitiated magicians and mentalists all over the world. The knee-jerk reaction is, “Wow, is it REALLY worth that?” My answer is, no.

Unfortunately, for that inflated cost all you received was a small collection of prepared bottles, and an incredibly poorly written set of directions and video, from a guy that I personally and professional do not respect or admire. I could go into why I don't like the guy, but with just a little research on your own, you’ll discover EXACTLY why, and I can’t imagine anyone with even the most superficial level of integrity and morality wanting to support him.

I was told that one magician who purchased the Devil’s Bottle from this dude was so upset and utterly disappointed, that he wanted to physically assault the guy because he felt like he had been scammed. His biggest complaint was the price, which worked out to about $83 per bottle, and the fact that they were NOT RELIABLE at all.

To add injury to insult, those who tried to make the bottles themselves weren't actually told a number of key elements, and new things I discovered while making my own, that would save them a ton of money and increase the reliability of the illusion considerably. Who knows why these important things were left out; perhaps it was intentionally to keep magicians in the dark, or because the author didn't actually know them himself. The directions are so lacking, so poorly produced, so absolutely devoid of any true value save tipping the basic science of how the effect actually works, that it shocks the conscience.

I am told, that many customers had signed a non-disclosure agreement, so they were legally prohibited from re-releasing the effect or publically sharing the inner workings. But privately, there’s a lot of grumbling and disappointment going on about it, and rightly so. What you would get for your hard earned money is utterly ridiculous. Personally, I’m fed up with this kind of thing in the magic community. Just because you’re deceptive when you perform, doesn’t mean you should be when you sell magic to other magicians. I think too many guys out there can’t separate the fact they lie as performers, so they lie about everything.


Because of all this (and a few personal reasons I discuss on the DVD, and a few I don't), I decided to produce this DVD, and I don’t care if I get any flack or not. This project is a deliberate choice, and one I’m both happy with and proud to promote. If you don’t want it, that’s cool; you don’t have to get it. But if you want to learn a fantastic effect, one that didn’t actually belong to the guy who promoted it as his own in the first place, then you can buy it from him for a grand, or you can buy it from me and get ONE HOUR of top-notch instruction that teaches you step-by-step what equipment you need, the kind of supplies required (even how to get your supplies for free), and how to perform the effect for pennies.

I actually SHOW you what to do; I don't type about it, and I don't leave anything worth knowing out. I'm not trying to get you to come back and buy bottles from me. I show you how to do it for hardly any investment at all, or at leat to the level YOU are willing to spend. The power is in YOUR hands now, and you can do this for next to nothing once you are set up and ready to roll.

Shot in my workshop in HD, no stone is unturned, and no detail left out. I've gone out of my way to provide a professionally produced video instructional program. Each DVD is personalized. I produce these on a demand basis, rather than en masse.

WHY IS IT $99?

I don't know, I guess because I didn't want to make it TOO cheap. I spent a TON of time on this and put together a great DVD (in my view anyway). So I want to be compensated for my effort too, and I wanted to make sure only people who wanted to make an investment would buy it. Otherwise, the good people who got screwed and spent so much, would have the effect they care about too easily obtained. So to me, around a hundred made sense and it still makes the point I want it to. Just consider it like you've hired me for an hour to come consult on something, then it won't sting as much. Besides, you could probably get a pirated copy of the one put out in 2005, but reading it is NOT the same as watching it and being coached by a dude who has experience making them. Your call. Trust me, I won't be offended if you don't buy it. But if you do, I'm also using a portion to go to chairty. Yep, to support humanitarian causes close to my heart.

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