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Happie Amp Review

October 24th, 2012 9:02pm
Reviewed by Tim Cimbura
I highly recommend the Happie Amp and have written a complete review of the product with lots of notes and ideas for usage.

I have been performing as a speaker and entertainer for many years and I know that great audio (voice and music) is extremely important. If people can’t hear you well, they will not enjoy the performance no matter how great you were. With good background music, a program can be much more exciting. A great sound system (and engineer) should be invisible to the audience. They should just work and not distract from the performance. There should be minimal squeals and feedback.
After trying many systems, reviewing, and writing about them since 2004, I believe I’ve found the best one. I’ve used it in many shows and venues and our local NSA-MN (National Speaker’s Association) chapter has used it as the primary audio system for our meetings. It has saved our association money by not requiring us to rent the sound system from the hotel. In fact, it paid for itself quickly.
The system is called the Happie Amp. It is the best portable audio system for the traveling speaker/entertainer, clubs/associations, etc. I highly recommend the Happie Amp because it is:
A powerful amplifier that can handle events of 20-400 people indoors or outdoors.
A quality sound system with few points of failure.
Extremely compact and lightweight to transport. Everything fits in one small suitcase.
Quick and easy to set up with a minimum number of cables.
Extremely versatile offering many configurations and options for mics, inputs, and outputs.
An incredible value for the cost.
Even someone unfamiliar with sound or audio systems will be able to set up the Happie Amp and getting it running quickly without a degree in sound engineering.
I recommend the Happie Amp as the primary system for appropriate sized events where you need to completely control the sound. A different sound system might be appropriate for very large events or outdoors. It is especially useful for entertainers that require a wireless mic, so they can have their hands available to play instruments, juggle, or do magic.
If you are utilizing the “house” or built-in sound system provided on location, the Happie Amp can act as your backup sound system in case something should go wrong or they do not have the mic options that you require.

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Manufacturer's Description:

Happie Amp 2.0 is a 50 watt max., portable, wireless, 5 pound pa system for audiences of up to 400 people indoors or 200 people outside.

Tech Specs:
50Watts Portable PA System Built-In Rechargeable Battery Power Supply: 110Volt One year Manufacturer Warranty

Includes:Host 2 - Belt Packs (Works at the Same Time!) 2 - Headset Mics 2 - Lapel Mics 2 - 9 Volt Batteries 2 - 1/8" Audio Inputs 1/4" Input 1/4" Speak Output AC Adapter Carrying Bag Instructions


Q: What is the weight?

A: The entire package is under 7 pounds. The speaker itself is about 5 pounds.

Q: Is it UHF or VHF?

Q: Can I play music through the system?
A: YES - it has a couple of 1/8" audio jacks. That is the most common size and type for music. It will work with your iPod, MD player, CD player, Laptop, etc.

Q: Can I use both mics at the same time?
A: YES - They are on different frequency so you can use both at the same time. If you get the optional wireless handheld mic it will be on the same frequency as one of the belt packs (they are marked)

Q: What are the dimensions of the speaker?
A: 11.5" tall includes the handle, 7" wide, 4" deep.

Q: How many people will it accommodate?
A: This unit has been used for 400 kids in an auditorium or about 200 people outdoors.

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