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Mutilated Parasol Plus Review

March 13th, 2013 9:10pm
Reviewed by Vincent
This product is okay. But Warning. Do not buy this from Abbott's. I paid $450.00 for their Mutilated Parasol and it was not the same product as their video depicted. I was in shock when I got mine. The silks are terrible and small. I opened the umbrella and black paint chips fell all over the place. The umbrella does not stay open. I specifically told Abbott's to carefully check over my umbrella. They did not. I also had to repair the bag I got with it. Do not buy from Abbott's Magic Company!

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Manufacturer's Description:

Place 3 different colored silks into a tube. The audience can see them clearly through the net. Toss up the tube and remove the silks, and they have transformed into a Parasol. Or place a Parasol into an empty Net tube and state you are going to transpose them to another empty tube some distance away. Things start going wrong. Part of the Parasol goes across, then ... Or perform a "Mismade Parasol" effect, - silks transform to a Mismade Parasol, then a perfect one ...

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