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Cobra Kiss Review

January 24th, 2012 10:46am
Reviewed by ulises
First lets talk about the actual staplers;
They are very compact and i love them for that, you can actually set them up into two modes, ready to go, or sleek and compact. They are very sturdy and should last you for ever. Unfortunately with the plastic and petite design they don't scream out danger, that is something that the magician will have to enforce.

The DVD it self is pretty short, but covers all the bases;The secret, the routine, and outs in case anything goes wrong.

The Secret: Buy the DVD and find out.

The routine: Again with the staplers themselves not being as freshening as a gun loaded with a bullet, it will be up to the performer to use his showmanship and sell the idea of danger. But i have used this at parties and have always come up with an idea on how to make it as dangerous as i can, going to staple your tongue is a sure way to get peoples attention :)

The Out: Yes the routine itself is pretty safe, i would not say 100% safe but 95%. this out covers the other 5%.

So over all, if you want to add a little danger to your show without making people squeamish by pulling out a nail gun, or a spike, and/or don't want to dish out the steep price for a spike or nail roulette, this is a great alternative.

Product info for Cobra Kiss

Author: Hondo
Publisher: Hondo Chen Yu Hsuan
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $50.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Cobra Kiss is a brand new version of Russian Roulette effect. You don't need to prepare any gun, nail, or big stapler guns any more. With 5 pocket staplers and one handkerchief, you can do the magic routine easily in everyday life situation.

The 5 gimmicked staplers are specially designed that the total size of the staplers can be minimized as small as a normal Bicycle deck. So you can carry them easily when leaving home.

The secret of Cobra Kiss is also powerful. It's very safe and complete self-working. It has the following features:
  • The audience can examine everything before and after performance.
  • The loaded stapler is selected freely by the spectator.
  • The magician doesn't see when the spectator selects and loads the stapler.
  • The staplers are shuffled under a normal handkerchief, so even the audience doesn't know which one is loaded.
  • Only one stapler is loaded.
  • No thread, magnet, mark or extra stapler.
  • No stooge or assistant.
  • No electric device.
  • Reset in one second.
  • Easy to carry.
Every Cobra Kiss contains 5 gimmicked staplers and the instruction DVD with English, Japanese and Chinese subtitles. In the DVD, you'll see the full instruction and tips by Hondo.

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