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Crazy Ball Review

January 24th, 2012 10:45am
Reviewed by ulises
As a Thread worker i loved this, i have had a chop cup but never really used it until now.

The routine in itself is gorgeous, from beginning to end, Mr.Copin uses specialty music and timing to do his routine, but you can adapt it to any style of music and persona.

When you watch this, please don't watch it so you can do the routine step by step, i believe that as artists we should all put in our own spin on things, and this DVD will teach you the slights and hook up you need to accomplish one of the best Chop Cup routines i have ever seen.

You don't necessarily need a cigarette, again this is up to the magician to put his own spin on, a box of cards or even something that's already on the table would work, given that the magician is adept to substitute things that work best for him.

I myself do not smoke, and prefer to use a pack of cards in the routine, and have substituted the cigarette with a color changing pen.So please don't do Crazy Ball exactly how Copin does it, for that is how He performs it.

So if you are wanting to add a chop cup routine to your show, or are a thread worker, get this, it will take a lot of practice to get it just right, but in the end it will be worth it,also i would not suggest this for beginners, and the only problem that i have with the DVD, is that, at the end of the routine he does not give a clean ending, he tells you how you can walk around with the hookup in place, ready to go, but does not give a good clean out.

Product info for Crazy Ball

Author: Bruno Copin
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $60.70
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Manufacturer's Description:

Cup routines are numerous. Crazy Ball is an innovative and highly original version in which you will find almost all of the key effects of magic.

Crazy Ball is full of crazy effects (appearances, disappearances, transpositions, penetrations, transformations and levitations). Crazy Ball is the result of a long creative research project which was undertaken by its creator, Bruno COPIN.
Bruno's work has received prizes in many international competitions. He presented Crazy Ball on the TV show Special Las Vegas (Starling productions) which featured some of the world's greatest magicians. The show was presented by the famous French magician, Sylvain MIROUF.

To highlight the strong effects contained in this routine, original music was composed by specialists. This routine is literally a feat of magic when presented live by Bruno because in order to perform it perfect timing is required between the sound effects and magic gestures. You will be able to isolate each individual effect and organize them to suit your own timing.

Instruction booklet and a sample of Copin's Invisible Thread are included.

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