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Friend - Volume 2 (DVD + Props) Review

January 24th, 2012 10:44am
Reviewed by ulises
Bruno Copin, has outdone himself in this two part series.
A continuation of his first vol 2, is again very poetic, in the sense that his magic is not just tricks, but works of art.

As for the products; the glove is small for some people, this glove is not really meant to be worn but more for practice of his first trick. And there is nothing special about the glasses, they are just small reading glasses you can pick up at any drugstore for a couple of dollars. you do get some more of his IT tough, witch for me is great.

But the quality of the DVD and Production of this DVD remains the same as the first volume, absolutely flawless.

What i like most about this DVD that other IT DVD's don't have, is a Flourishes section. Card magic and coin magics have had their flourishes for as long as i can remember, now IT workers can have some as well.

And the only problem with this DVD is just as the first volume, Mr.Copin shows us a great trick but no explanation, that is the only downfall. I think for the price he should have included that as well.

The History of Thread with David Stone and David Rhod is great, but he should have had someone transcribe it and turned it into subtitles, yes there is a written English translation but going back and forth for some people is troublesome.

Product info for Friend - Volume 2 (DVD + Props)

Author: Bruno Copin
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $160.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Final DVD in a 2 Volume series of original close-up effects created by Bruno Copin.

All of the effects in these DVDs are accompanied by specially composed music. The explanations are specially filmed in interactive multiangles. Highly Didactic.

Specific materials have been supplied with the DVDs. The quality of each element was a priority in the production of these products.

In FRIEND, Vol. 2 you will find a pretty glove ideal for performing the surreal effect Invisible Man. Included is a special pair of glasses that will help you considerably when preparing the thread.

As a bonus, the History of the thread featuring magicians Daniel Rhod and David Stone (in French) will develop your historical knowledge of this subject. (A written English translation has been included).


  • Invisible Man - A surrealist effect with a glove.
  • Any Volunteers? - Step forward!
  • Saint Exupery - Can you hear the planes?
  • Ripples - A visual double miracle on the table.
  • Surf - A superb flourish worthy of attention.
  • Lover in the Cupboard - A substitution trunk style effect with cards. The story gives meaning to this effect.
  • Flourishes - A mix of balanced flipping flourishes using invisible thread.
  • It Was You! - A signed postcard appears in a sealed envelope (demonstration only). Material and explanation available separately.

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