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Coin Card Review

December 12th, 2011 11:45am
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
I REALLY like this utility gaff-so, go get one! Ahhh, if reviews were only that simple...
When any effect or principal excites me, I try to clarify why that is-to myself. Telling or writing words for others, is still a challenge for me, as I'm used to thinking in pictures and visuals.

Basically, this gaff allows you to do the most innocous thing-something that no spectator will be paying too much attention to: with clean hands, take the deck, out jog four cards, lay them out on the table in a square. NONE of this, is called particular attention to. Shortly there after, turn the cards over, and 4 gleaming half dollars (or quarters) are staring your audience in the face-and you may then move forward into your favorite matrix routine. Whats so sweet to me, is that this appearence of coins, is something that NOONE sees coming-particularly if youv'e already done some card tricks with the same deck. Equally sweet is that it the appearence of coins, is a heck of alot more interesting than taking them out of your pocket, or out of a holder.
The card itself, is something you can remake when it wears out-assuming you have a steady hand, and some patience.
The instructions are general, as is the matrix routine Archer includes (with one typ-o, that misnames a coin).What isn't printed are some subtleties, that make the appearence smoother: placing the coins on the card in a zig-zag fashion for easier removal;bending the outjogged card slightly outward, so that the coin meets the card more quietly;and, removing the first coin more sideways, so that it doesn't make noise clicking against the second one. Tiny, critical details, that I pay attention to, for the sake of the overall.
The card could be more precisly rendered-and the 'special something' used to assemble it, is glossy. While the card is not fully exposed at the back, part of it is-and a matte finish 'something' makes more sense. Also, it may be neccessary to simply glue another card to the back of 'coin card', if it doesn't arrive in the color or style you prefer. Nine, ten bucks? eh-I own more precisely cut or printed single gaffs that cost half of what this does-but, I'm tickled greatly by the effectiveness of THINKING here, that price isn't a huge complaint. I think this is a worthwhile enhancement to card and coin magic-and if you get it, you will use it.

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Author: Archer, Danny
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From a deck of cards, the magician removes and tables four cards making four different predictions. He predicts that instead of doing another card trick, it's time for a coin trick. When the cards are removed, four coins are seen lying on the table. This clever gimmick allows you to produce four coins (halves or quarters) as easily as removing and tabling a card. No sleight of hand required. Each gimmick is handmade (from Bicycle card stock) and the instructions also include an easy to do yet very magical Matrix routine.

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