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Wonderland (Gimmicks and DVD) Review

November 28th, 2011 6:27pm
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
As much as I looked forward to receiving my copy of this effect, I looked equally forward to reviewing it here. For this method does indeed look purely magical in the promotional videos. When I received the trick, I looked at the DVD case-and saw NO information on the back-just a repeat of the front cover. Fortunately, online sites provide some information about the positive aspects of Wonderland. The real insights, however, come from people who walked past the cinematic looking packaging, into the reality behind Wonderland.

I'll cut right to the chase:this is an extremely angle sensitive method, for vanishing, producing, and transposing small objects-some of which can be borrowed and signed by your audience. You may indeed perform any of the effects in a t-shirt. The magic looks the way magic is supposed to: graceful, effortless, and impossible.

To give a sense of performing realities, imagine that you are the center of a clock. Your perfect spectator vantage point will be at midnite. Spectators at 11 and 1 o'clock, is still safe. Once onlookers stand at 10 or 2, it gets risky. So, clean as it all looks, performing with this method, is hinged upon a controlled audience vantage point. In theatrical terms, the sight lines here are limited.

I can see Wonderland working perfectly for television, platform, and even the street. It CAN'T work, in spontaneous situations where you have people mere inches from you, on either side. My experience with spontaneous close up, is that people LOVE to sneak peeks. People at times, will actually LOWER their heads to table level-or, if I'm standing, lower their torsos, just to get a look at the faces of a card fan I'm holding. It's cute, to watch people having fun, being sneaky and mischievous with the one who's job it is to be sneaky with them. My point is that, people will move their heads around along with the rest of their bodies, looking for clues...which is why methods/devices like Raven, Bat, Gecko, Black Widow, and others, exist. You can do things surrounded, with few worries.

The limitations of Wonderland, still have an advantage-that is, your focal object, after vanishing, is nearby for reproduction. Unlike other methods, you can vanish a spectators signed coin-and then reproduce it from a pocket, an envelope, or the small velvet pouch that comes with the trick.

The entire package here, is very classy. Besides the well produced DVD, you receive a small but potent bag of tiny ingredients. It looked to me like an oddly configured piece of jewelry. The DVD thoroughly covers vanishes, productions, transpositions, and methods using borrowed objects. The tutorials, and ideas here, are crystal clear-and you will see effects performed from the front, side, and over the shoulder.
The coin vanishes, are extremely effective-in this case 'swallowed vanish', gaffed or ungaffed, is a variation on Vernon's retention of vision principal. Along with coins, the DVD provides routines using candy kissess, Skittles/M&Ms/Reese's Pieces, a length of silver chain, an envelope, ball bearing, and the velvet bag. It also spells out a wallet set up to hold gaffs to use with borrowed coins.

One effect that, for some reason, really hit a chord with me, is called Stardust. The Magician places a half dollar into his left palm-with is then gently and barely touched by the right hand-which moves away, revealing an area of silver, blown as glitter dust towards the audience. Truly charming, sweet trick.
I'll recommend Wonderland, as a method worth knowing and including in your repertoire of vanishing/reproduction methods. If you can deal with the sight line limitations, you will have a fine principal to work with. Prop, DVD production quality is high-and some of the effects here, can be performed with other methods like the 'animals up your sleeve'.

Product info for Wonderland (Gimmicks and DVD)

Author: Bengston, Nicholas
Publisher: The Enchantment
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $19.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

The Enchantment, the company which released such popular close-up illusions as ABYSS, Dreamweaver, Aquarius, and Skywalker has made a name for itself for true magic purity, groundbreaking principles, and incredible value. The Enchantment continues this heritage with its latest release where magic and wonder are widespread. Enter a world of fantasy. A place with charm and elegance. This is Wonderland.

Inside you can perform effects with purity and grace like you have never known. Wonderland is an assortment of some of the purest vanishes and productions ever released. You will learn to vanish and produce small objects in ways that look like make believe. With a total of 15 vanishes/productions/reproductions Wonderland is filled with true, solid magic. Now is your chance to experience these closely guarded secrets from one of the world's top professionals. Bring your hands together and an object appears. With nothing more than a wave of your hand, the object vanishes completely. Your hands are shown empty at all times, before, during, and after. Everything is under your control. A spectator gives you a borrowed/signed coin, you wave your hand over this coin (only one coin is used and is NEVER switched) and it disappears like a mirage. Not limited to coins, also necklaces, candy, pearls, bracelets, balls, and on and on. With Wonderland, you'll learn amazing vanishes and productions and get a stealth utility device with endless possibilities. There are so many things that can be done, and so many ways it can be used. Your imagination is free to dream, free to create, and free to discover new things and new ways to express the magic that exists within you. Wonderland comes with a widescreen instructional DVD as well as numerous specially made gimmicks that come in a full 10-piece Wonderland kit. And as a Bonus, Wonderland also includes 10 routines and effects, including an easy getting-started-in-no-time routine, a totally impromptu barehanded vanish and production of an object, new gimmicks with wide-open potential, and a lot more.

  • No sleeves, No jacket, No clothing restrictions or requirements
  • Quick 7-second set-up that can be done on the fly in front of your audience
  • Instantly Repeatable
  • Appropriate for any skill level - 90% of the work is done for you - Automatically
  • Nothing cumbersome - Everything is Sleek, Compact, and Stealth
  • Vanish borrowed coins with NO switching
  • Instant transformations of objects to something else
  • Gateway to Endless Possibilities
  • Fools, Amazes, and Impresses Everyone

The Enchantment welcomes you to Wonderland. Enjoy.

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