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Sudden Deck Review

Official Review

March 29th, 2003 8:48am
Reviewed by Brad Henderson
Simply put, a clever and surprising way to introduce your deck of cards.

The magician brings forth a card case which has yet to be assembled and is folded flat. The back and front of each side is fully displayed and the magician assembles the box in front of the spectator's eyes. Instantly the magician can remove a deck of cards from the freshly assembled box.

The craftsmanship is excellent and the handling is easy. This is not to say that practice won't pay off, it will. Particularly as you discover certain touches which covey the illusion of emptiness and flimsiness. But this knack should come with just a few moments of careful thought.

Not only is it a fabulous "quickie" opener, but could become part of a lengthier routine. Imagine the magician talking about how he or she gets their cards fresh from the factory. The box is shown, assembled, and a BLANK deck is produced.

The magician then "prints" the blank deck ala "Mental Photography." Just a thought.

This is a fun trick to watch and perform and I believe it would make a tremendous addition to your walk around or restaurant repertoire this year.

4 1/2 stars

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Author: Regal, David
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Manufacturer's Description:

Remove an unfolded, empty card case from your pocket and display it to the audience. "I do this to save space. Did you know that a cardbox is just a piece of cardboard that's been folded up?" You show the opened box on all sides, then fold the cardboard back into the shape of a card box. Snap your fingers, open the flap and pull out a full deck of regulation playing cards with which to perform your next miracle!

Comes complete with the ingenious custom-crafted, precision-made gimmicked card case that makes this amazing routine possible and detailed, photo-illustrated instructions.

Available in Red or Blue Bicycle design, please specify when ordering.

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