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MatriXpress (Props and DVD) Review

Official Review

July 28th, 2011 10:04am
Reviewed by James Sanden
“Matrix Express” is a visual matrix routine by Shawn Farquhar, a two time FISM award winning magician. It’s direct from his working repertoire, having been performed thousands of times over the last few years, and is clearly an effective piece of magic. In essence the effect is a sped up matrix, where instead of the coins assembling one by one beneath a card, all four coins instantly appear under the final card with virtually no adjustment. It’s fast, visual and a fooler.

In addition to the title effect, Matrix Express, Mr. Farquhar also teaches several variations. These include one where the cover cards are photos of hands and the poker chips or coins appear in the photo, as well as a simpler and more direct effect wherein one coin joins another using just two cover cards. Photos are included, though there is one variation that would require some photography and photo editing skills to perform. He also teaches a 3 fly routine, and while the included poker chips are great for use in most sleight of hand versions, given the number of 3 fly routines in the marketplace to choose from, Mr. Farquhar’s included routine is quite standard and unremarkable.

Before getting into the pros and cons of the routine, it’s important to note the incredible quality of instruction on this DVD. Unlike the majority of DVD’s being released today, Mr. Farquhar gave a great deal of thought as to how best to present the information needed to learn the routine, not only verbally but also visually. It’s clear he’s committed that the viewer be given the best possible instruction and that he put the same level of effort in to this production that he puts into his work. It’s no surprise that a FISM award winning magician would release an instructional DVD of this quality.

The included props and secret something are also of the highest quality. While traditional poker chips could be used, Mr. Farquhar had them specially made just for this release, not only to increase a certain property of the chips to make the effect more sure fire, but also to make them smoother than traditional chips, making certain coin sleights easier to perform. He even went so far as to avoid printing the denomination (dollar or euro sign) on the chips, so that they could be used in any country. Lastly, the secret something that makes this effect possible was also put through an impressive amount of research and development with features that make it truly practical and reliable. Given the quality of the props and the work put into development, this DVD is a bargain.

If I were to level any criticism at the effect, it’s minor. The handling required is ever so slightly idiosyncratic. Honestly, it’s far less idiosyncratic than quite a few of the matrix routines out there, and certainly much cleaner and more magical. Had I not seen Ponta the Smith’s DVD, or viewed the work of Armando Lucero, I probably wouldn’t have noticed it at all. At the same time, the method is far easier than the sleight of hand used by the above mentioned magicians, so the trade off is the release of an instructional DVD of this quality.

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Product info for MatriXpress (Props and DVD)

Author: Farquhar, Shawn
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Retail Price: $50.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

FISM's Two-Time World Champion of Magic, Shawn Farquhar, releases MatriXpress, one of the fastest matrix routines ever! Four poker chips travel in the blink of an eye. The gimmick used can be adapted to lots of other uses and this DVD offers many, including PhotoFinish. Included in this DVD you will get the four special poker chips, two photographs and the gimmick so you can start performing right away! Everything you need to know is explained on the instructional DVD that is included in this one price!

"Very Impressive."
- Ellen Degeneres

"He's the magic equivalent of one of the seven great wonders of the world. Once you have seen him, you'll never forget Shawn Farquhar."
- Graham Hey - Magic Seen Magazine, Europes' #1 Magic Magazine.

Running Time Approximately: 1hr 32min

DVD-Rom section contains many .jpeg images for customizing the MatriXpress and PhotoFinish effects.

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