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365 (Red) Review

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March 13th, 2012 5:13pm
Reviewed by Jeff Stone
I've always liked the diary type effects. The ones I prefer are ones along the lines of Bob Cassidy's where there is no deck of cards . . . any date is named and the prediction matches the name of the card on that date.

Usually, I've felt that bringing a deck of cards into the effect weakens it. However, after watching Chris Congreave's 365, I'm reconsidering my opinion on that.

This routine has a lot of potential. Congreave's performance of it was funny and pretty entertaining, and he seems to be a likeable guy. Also the two ladies he performed the effect for seemed to be having a good time as well. The only criticism I have of the performance is that it still had a little bit too much of the "put and take" for my style. However, that aside, it's a good trick.

I think if you do this, you'll want to flesh out your own routine, but there is certainly a lot of room for emotional hooks, and performance premises with this concept.

The effect is very direct. Spectator names any date. They turn to that date in a pocket datebook. It has a number written there. You deal that many cards down in the deck. The card at that number matches a prediction you made ahead of time.

The method is very clever. With the DVD, you get a nice black envelope to put the prediction in and a special gimmicked deck. You'll have to supply your own pocket datebook.

But hey, for $29.00 bucks you get a DVD, a great trick and a deck of cards. That's pretty sweet. Plus the deck of cards can be used in other applications. Go watch the demo. If you like the effect, then you'll be happy with your purchase. If the effect doesn't suit you, then that's another thing, but the performance demo is exactly how it plays out in real life. No edits, no cuts.

One weird thing about the DVD, however . . . Congreave created the effect and performed it. However, he did not teach it. Someone else did. The someone else looks familiar, and I feel like I should know him, but he never said his name, so I'm not sure. Also, each segment of the explanation section started with him saying, "ok." For some reason that slightly grated on my nerves. '

However, those two things are only mentioned more for your entertainment and have no impact on my final verdict, which, by the way is 4 stars with a Stone rating of Gem.

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Product info for 365 (Red)

Author: Congrave, Chris
Publisher: Alakazam UK
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $28.75
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Manufacturer's Description:

Chris Congreave's take on the diary effect is an absolute killer! His self-working approach combines the classic diary effect with a card at any number plot.

365 Is a commercial, entertaining performance piece and ideal for close up parlour or stage.

Just set up your own diary and you're ready to go.


Your spectator is handed a pocket diary and asked to turn to their birthday or a day which has some meaning to them. They will see you have written a lucky number by their selected date (this you claim was worked out via the use of numerology)

A deck of cards which have been sitting on the table since the beginning is now removed from its case. The cards may be shuffled if you so wish.

The cards are shown to be different and your spectator is asked to deal to his lucky number. This is done fairly and the card he lands on is the very same card as your prediction which is also held in the diary.

No Multiple Outs

No Fishing

No Memory Work

No Sleight Of Hand

Totally Self Working

Instant Reset

Prediction May Be Held And Handled By The Spectator At All Times

Spectator Deals The Cards

Always The Card At Their exact Number

NOTE: Pocket Calendar NOT included.

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