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SuperSlim Hip Pocket Mullica (With DVD) Review

Official Review

July 20th, 2011 10:55am
Reviewed by Jeff Stone
So . . . Mullica Wallet, eh . . . A hip version, eh . . .

Let me start by saying that if you like the functionality of the standard Mullica Wallet, then you'll like this wallet. Let me give you a brief overview of the differences between the original and this version:

Both wallets, of course, have an outer and an inner wallet. The outer wallets in both version are the same width (3.5 inches). The original is 1.25 inches taller (7" vs. 5.75"). The original wallet being taller, of course, has 3 more credit card slots than the new version.

Here's the interesting part, however . . . the inner wallets are basically the same size. In fact the original one is a hair smaller in width, and the um . . . ahem . . . thingie . . . that makes it possible for things to appear inside the smaller wallet is actually a little bigger and a bit more . . . um . . . easy to use.

The inner wallet in this version looks a little better than the original. In the original, the inner wallet looked a little out of place, whereas this version looks more natural. Oddly, the only real change is the shortening of the outer wallet by 1.25 inches, but it made a huge difference.

Additionally, you get a DVD that teaches you a handful of effects that you can do with the wallet. One of the effects merely requires that you keep your drivers license in the same pocket as your Mullica wallet . . . no other prep. There are also some card effects and business card effects taught with the wallet as well. Basically you get a handful of Paul Harris effects that have been reworked or modified to work with the wallet. All of the PH effects that you get are good effects to start with. Adding the wallet handling improves some of the effects and weakens others. Either way, the effects are worth knowing.

Joe Russell walks you through how to use the wallet, how to keep it in your pocket and so forth. I will say that the handling Russell teaches was a bit awkward for me, so I used a handling that I felt more comfortable with. I think that's a minor point other than to say that he was pretty adamant about this is how you hold the wallet, and this is how you do this, etc . . . my advice would be to try his suggested handling, but don't be intimidated by his boldness and assume that there are no other ways to handle it.

I've loaded my wallet with a few things and now have a portable 20 to 30 minute show in my back pocket. None of the effects are ones from the Joe Russell DVD, and I only use the wallet for one effect that utilizes the gimmick, but either way, I now carry it with me wherever I go, and it holds a handful of great effects that I love to perform.

I believe that the original Mullica Wallet is $60.00 bucks. This one is $70.00 and it includes the DVD. It's definitely a good quality wallet. It does take a little breaking in, but that's normal. From where I'm sitting, if you already own a Mullica Wallet, you may want to still give this some serious consideration. If you're thinking about buying a Mullica Wallet, go with this version. If you've never heard of the Mullica Wallet, but you like the idea of having a signed card vanish and reappear inside of a zipped wallet that's inside of another wallet, then get this.

5 Stars . . . Total GEM!

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

Product info for SuperSlim Hip Pocket Mullica (With DVD)

Author: Harris, Paul
Publisher: Hugh Phoric, Inc.
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $70.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Countless Pros have tried every conceivable "Card to Wallet" out there and almost always end up using The Mullica Wallet. It's just hard to improve on perfection.

You don't even need a deck! With Paul Harris' routine, you just borrow an ID card, and a moment later it's inside the zipped compartment of your back-pocket wallet!

Our new sleek black leather worker's edition includes credit card slots, clear ID window and paper money section. It also features a special touch from Tommy Wonder: A gleaming gold zipper on the black leather that focuses all attention on the unzipped moment of astonishment. Even Paul Harris' video guy, Joe Russell, keeps a hip pocket Mullica in his back pocket.

"Of all the cool magic I've shot for Paul, this is my absolute favorite. I've put all my normal wallet stuff into the Mullica and use it as my everyday wallet."

Super easy to do. No palming!

Includes Paul Harris' own Mullica wallet routines:

  • Signed card to wallet
  • License to astonish
  • Whack your pack
  • Flash fold: Where a signed business card appears folded inside your wallet

No Palming!

No folding moves!

Starring your favorite DVD host, Joe Russell.

Highest quality custom-made black leather wallet.

Manufactured by Alan Wong.

The Super Slim Hip Pocket Mullica.
Built to Last. Designed to Astonish.

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