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Lethal Tender Review

March 16th, 2003 5:10pm
Reviewed by johnjansky
Very strong illusion. If you are a beginner this is a nice strong illusion you can learn in seconds. If you are a professional this is great close up. Self working. There are many different ways to present this. My favorite is letting the spectator choose a coin (verbally). Put one coin in the spectators hand then close it. Then put the other coin on top of their closed fist. Tell them to watch closly. Flip the coin with the card an ZAP! The coins change places in their own hands! They cannot believe it! Makes you look like a pro, yet sooo easy to use. Highly recommended for street magic or table hopping.

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Author: Dusheck, Steve
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Effect, A Chinese coin and a playing card are removed from the card case. The coin case is placed on the case. With a wave of the card, the performer transforms the Chinese coin into a half dollar. Then in the blink of any eye the card is placed on the half dollar and when removed, the Chinese coin returns, all in the fraction of a second. Self working, requiring little or no skill, this is a good trick for all skill and age groups.

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