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Ultimate CSB Magic Review

Official Review

August 12th, 2011 2:43pm
Reviewed by Joe Diamond
I love Jeremy Pei. He puts out high quality DVDs that have great ideas on them, but the disks themselves don’t play in all players. This is the only thing that has kept any of them from getting the full blown five star rating. However, don’t let that stop you from picking up his stuff. In this case, if you are a coin worker, you’ll want to look into this DVD.

This DVD is focused on magic with the “Copper/Silver/Brass” gimmick, so you’ll have to already own this gimmick, and a shell coin in order to do these routines. You will also need to have some of the most difficult coin moves mastered. However, if you are already a coin worker, these shouldn’t be problems. If you are a beginner, wait a while before you get this.

As far as the routines themselves, they are really good. Jeremy moves at a great pace, and allows for the effect to sink in, unlike so many coins workers who move so fast that you can’t appreciate the magic. These effects look magical, although I did feel one routine was a little weak due to the fact that it looks like you are holding out the entire time.

The best routine on here is the Wild Coin routine. You get three different changes, and at the end, you get a final change of all the coins that leaves them examinable. Even if you don’t work with coins, you can still learn so much from Jeremy’s routining. He knows how to structure a routine so that even though you are using gaffs, they are either out of play by the time the audience wants to examine the coins, or he brilliantly brings them into play after they have seemingly examined them.

If you are a coin worker, use the ‘CSB’ gaff, and want some fantastic routines that will blow away audiences and magicians, you will get more than your money’s worth on this product!

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Product info for Ultimate CSB Magic

Author: Pei, Jeremy
Publisher: Jeremy Pei
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $35.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Note:DVD is PAL format and can be viewed on computers with a DVD drive.

In this DVD, Jeremy Pei shares 6 of his pet routines using the 'CSB' Gaff Coin. These are actual routines as used in Jeremy's regular live performance for walk around close up magic.

CSB Interchange
A visual multi-phase transformation of 3 silver coins.

CSB Transformation
A classic CSB routine with a surprising twist in the end.

Jeremy's version of the classic international 3 Fly plot.

CSB Wild
Coins changes as it touches.

CSB Subway Matrix
Jeremy's version of the classic International Matrix plot with a neat backfire.

CSB Trio
Coins assembly, CSB style.

Running Time Approximately: 58mins

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