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Acme Portable Hole Review

March 4th, 2003 3:04pm
Reviewed by Kacy LaMonte
I agree with dorion, it hits with a bang, but there is no build up. The trick is over too quick. . . and uses a gaffed deck. I also find the ink that ends up on my thumb to be a problem. I solved this by using a black piece of plastic for the hole. Stll, it did not stick in my repertoire.

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Author: Talbot, John
Average Rating:  (3)
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Manufacturer's Description:

Remember Wile E Coyote and Road Runner? Remember all the wild stuff Road Runner would order from the Acme Company? The super power magnets, jet packs, spring boots, super strength glue and my personal favorite, The Portable Hole. Ah, yes. The Portable Hole. Just paint it on and move it wherever you want. That's the idea behind this incredibly cool card trick. A spectator simply thinks of a card. No force of any kind. You draw a Portable Hole on the top card of the deck. Next, you peel the hole off and throw it into the deck. Fan the cards and ask the spectator to remove their card. It now has a large hole right through it. Show the rest of the deck; none of the other cards have holes in them. Just the spectator's freely thought-of card. The Acme Portable Hole is a card trick that even Wile Coyote would have ordered. It's easy to do, needs no replacements, resets in a flash, and is really a fun trick.

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