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Zap (Book and DVD) Review

October 10th, 2010 8:11pm
Reviewed by Brian Reaves
While you've probably seen Derren Brown do his famous subway "instant hypnosis" on people, have you ever considered doing it yourself? If so, you are the person this product was aimed at. The claims are wonderful: "be able to instantly hypnotize someone and drop them like a sack of potatoes"...and all of this with very little training outside of a 2 hour DVD and very thin booklet of information.

And yes, it's too good to be true.

The DVD shows a few examples of Zap in action on random spectators, and then you are given about 90 minutes of "you can do Zap, and here are things to keep in mind" speeches with very little training at all. Just a lot of rambling talk like listening to someone take five minutes of information and try to stretch over a long period of time. If you think you're going to walk away from watching this and control people like Derren Brown, you are dead wrong.

I honestly don't know how any magic dealer could support this incredibly expensive effect. This is something you will watch a time or two, attempt (and fail) a couple of times, and then throw on Ebay. The price of this is high to keep it to a specific audience, which makes the finished product that much more of an insult.
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Product info for Zap (Book and DVD)

Author: Hon Wong and Gordon Fang-Wong
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Retail Price: $150.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

The World's Fastest Hypnotic Induction

The Effect

WARNING: A psychotherapist license may be necessary to have the right to use this type of technique in some states. Never attempt to entrance people without previous agreement on their part. Do not try The Zap without first being fully trained and supervised. You must be 21 to purchase Zap DVD.

PLEASE NOTE: The information on this DVD is not for everybody. This is a course for serious performers who wish to add rapid hypnotic induction to their performances. The DVD is priced to keep the information exclusive.

Can you Zap?

Zapping is a type of "hypnotic induction" that utilizes techniques developed by Master Hypnotist Hon Wong and his son Gordon Fang-Wong. Hon and Gordon teamed up with Jay Noblezada to further refine the technique. Sought out by many of today's top hypnotists and NLP practitioners, The Zap is the fastest induction ever created. The Zap enables the performer to perform an instant induction on a total stranger within 30 seconds of meeting. There's no lengthy pre-talk, music, or lights. This is a hypnosis in its purest form.

Imagine shaking someone's hand and watching them hit the ground like a sack of potatoes, HYPNOTIZED!

This process has been tested, perfected and kept secret for years!

How fast? Read this:

Many hypnotists will claim to be "the world's fastest", but they don't start keeping track of time until after they've done a lengthy "pre-talk". When you include the pre-talk, most hypnotic inductions take anywhere from 5-15 minutes--even if they look instant. Hon and Gordon walk up to complete strangers on the street and hypnotize them in under 30 seconds! That's the fastest in the world. Hon and Gordon have issued an open invitation to anyone who thinks they can hypnotize faster.


The DVD is over 2 Hours Long and features RAW and UNCUT footage of The Zap being performed in public--completely impromptu. Hon and Gordon zap people everywhere they go. You'll love the in-depth interviews, detailed explanations, and TONS of performance footage!

PLUS: a Through-the-TV hypnosis session! Hon Wong hypnotizes you right through the TV screen, giving you the power to Zap!

  • The Technique
  • No electronic devices.
  • No pre-show, stooges, or confederates.
  • Can be done anywhere, with anyone, at anytime.
  • Real hypnosis. No joke.
Zapping is real. There is over 1 hour of performance footage on this DVD, showcasing live speed inductions in public areas! No stages, pre-show, or stooges. The Zap is completely impromptu and uses NO gimmicks, or devices. All you need to know is the secret techniques taught on the DVD.

Zapping is effective! Many people stop performing hypnosis because they don't know how to do it, or simply don't believe it's possible. The Zap isn't just hypnosis. It's a brand new concept that works. Hon Wong has a 100% success rate with The Zap. So does his son Gordon. Noblezada learned The Zap in 2 minutes, and hasn't failed since! Every student at NX08 was able to perform The Zap within minutes of learning it. And now you will be able to do the same. (Footage from NX08 is included on the DVD!)

Zapping is fun! Spectators LOVE to get hypnotized. The reactions and comments you'll get are priceless! And you'll be having just as much or more fun than your audience.

Who's it for?

Don't know a thing about hypnosis? No need to worry. You'll be learning everything directly from the creators of the Zap. Hon and Gordon will teach you everything you need to know to get off the ground with your first hypnotic induction!

Are you a magician looking for something new and fresh to add to your act? Zapping is visually unparalleled by any magic trick. Crowds will stop to watch you do this. You'll be asked to do it again and again. The Reputation you get as a hypnotist is HUGE! Learn how to Zap today!

Searching for a step up in your performing career as a magician? Ready to make more money? FACT: Many hypnotists make thousands of dollars per hour. Find out why. Learn exactly how you can do it too! Learn inside secrets on how you can add hypnosis to your existing act and make a killing! This info is worth 10 times the price of the DVD!

"Lets go out and zap some people."

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