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Bean & Bottle Review

September 30th, 2010 6:08am
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
I have no idea who carried this over from the physics lab to the magic shop...but I do recall seeing it in the 'science' section of Dunninger's Complete Encyclopedia of Magic, as a boy. (THAT book, dates back to the 1920's). Old as it is, it works. It has the same characteristics as the three shells, or the chain, where the spectator cannot seem to ever emulate the actions of the performer. It looks impossible when it happens, is based on pure physics, and is as entertaining as "Newton's Nightmare'. I don't go in too much for puzzles-and this trick is a combination puzzle, stunt, magical feat. I'm in the process of getting a few for some bartender pals, for they are starting to believe me when I say 'if you do bar magic...your tips will get bigger'. This I think is a PERFECT bar stunt, because any bottle can be used-and tic-tacs or red-hots can be substituted for beans.
I only wish it came in metal, and thats indicative of my disdain for plastic props. Too easy to overlook this, it's 2 bucks worth of MUCH old school entertainment.

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The magician places a hoop on top of a bottle, which may be borrowed. On top of the hoop is perched a bean. The object is to get the bean to fall into the bottle. Only the magician can make the bean fall into the bottle.

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