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Coin In Nest of Boxes Review

September 29th, 2010 5:43am
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
Unfortunately, the version of this trick that I use with tremendous success, is not posted on MLA. The plastic boxes shown here, look like trick store props-and do come in brass, for quite a few dollars more. Adams Magic still produces their version with a white box, and familiar black bunny with wand and top hat.
It's Empire that came out with a version using a large match box, a smaller one, and a tiny red bag that looks like silk-but is undoubtedly synthetic. Anyway, the boxes look less suspicious than these circular ones-and, the outfit goes for about five bucks. Now-this little trick DESTROYS people. I had it when I was 11, but now do it with more normal looking boxes. It's possible to make the larger box out of thin plywood. Having tested out a high end brass version of this trick, I still find the box version to be easier to handle and as effective.
When I present this, I play a bit of ' signed coin into my pocket, comes back to my hand' game. Then, instead of a coin returning, a tiny rubber elephant appears. I emphasize his trunk, then produce another 'trunk', the nest of boxes. There is NO WAY for me to completely communicate here the JOY, AMAZEMENT, LAUGHTER, GLEE, WONDER, and ASTONISHMENT that comes from the spectator, as they slowly take off the ruber bands, unwrap the packages, to find THEIR signed coin. If I could put out a full page ad on this site to GET THIS TRICK...well, do you get the point? People FLIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I should emphasize, that this trick seems to work better with women, as it has a 'gift box' aspect to it. Also, the elephant is cute, and women love cute things, more than most men seem to-or, admit to. Because I start the effect with a different premise, the nested box climax is a complete surprise. I'll add further, that people have talked about/asked me to do this trick MONTHS after they've seen it. It's that IMPACTIVE, impossible (and,... pretty darned cute as I present it).
If there's a single downside to this, it's the reset-which takes a few minutes in private. I also came up with an enhancement to the gimmick, which guarantees that the coin goes exactly where it's supposed to, every time. It's too good a trick to blow, because the coin got stuck in transit. I actually keep multiple versions of this with me to compensate for the slow reset. Even if you only use one-it's a ridiculously small investment, for a trick
that has such tremendous impact...with ADULTS! well as with children. TEN STARS.

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You've never seen such a nice close-up version of this effect. The five nesting containers are made of sturdy plastic, in a variety of bright colors to catch your audience's eye. What's more, there is a specially designed holder that fits into your pocket, which automatically loads the coin into the boxes --- a great improvement over the old slide-and-rubber-band method.

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