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Z-Ray Vision Review

September 24th, 2010 5:19am
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
This is an effect that I use, when I know there's time-and, proper attention span on the part of the spectator. For the impact that it has, as well as some finely printed props, this trick is actually under priced. Noone that I have ever performed this for has had ANY clue as to ANY of the methods, (of which there are three). The relevant information is communicated to the performer,
with tiny nearly invisible means-and the three 'tells' are linked in a way that is simply ingenious. The effect is very easy to carry, takes little time to learn-and can be built up quite dramatically for the best impact. I must say that I appreciated the designs of the boxes-the skull motif. The words 'z-ray vision'
on the sides of the boxes, is what I covered with real matchbox striking surface. This was the one detail, that to me advertised 'These are special boxes designed for a magic trick'. Naturally, real matchboxes can be substituted for the ones you receive. For a novel, powerful and compact close up mental effect, at a ridiculously low price, I think Z-Ray Vision is definitely worth looking into. I found out about it digging through Magic Warehouse's website-and it is one of those items that I think deserves greater attention than it may ever have gotten. An 'obscure' item, that justified these searches I sometimes go on, for tricks that may not have gotten so much hype-or, were placed aside in lieu of the hottest new items. A most gratifying find.

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An ESP card is freely selected from 6 ESP cards. The spectator draws the chosen symbol on a piece of paper and places it into one of three matchboxes. The performer not only knows which box contains the drawing but he can see through the box and reveal the symbol.

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