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Easy to Execute Card Trickery Two Review

Official Review

March 14th, 2011 3:53pm
Reviewed by Joe Diamond
To call this a real book would be a joke. The style (or lack of) consists of just step by step directions of what moves to do for the effect. The effects themselves are just variations of effects that are already in print. The variations add little to nothing to the actual effects, and are nowhere near as good as their predecessors. Many of the problems with the original effects that the author describes aren’t real problems, and the ‘solutions’ to these problems include adding moves and extra procedure for no reason at all.

Finally, one of the effects isn’t fully described. You need to own Volume One in order to understand the effect.

You can get Karl Fulves’ “Self Working Card Tricks” AND “More Self Working Card Tricks” for pretty much the same price as this electronic file. Two REAL books for the price of this fake one. I’d suggest those as better materials for finding easy to work card effects.

Half Star

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Author: J. Jack
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GEMINI TWINS CP - The correct cards are used for the classic matching trick.

ENDING IMPROMPTU STEINMEYER - A selected card is found by way of Jim Steinmeyer's Nine Card Problem procedure and one of three shuffles

TAP FOR TEAMMATES - The card expert is stopped from riffling the deck by the spectator on a king.The deck is tapped against that king to find another king. The process is repeated.

IN CARDS WE THRUST - The spectator locates their card by inserting a card into the deck while the deck is behind their back.

CAROUSEL NP - a moderate alteration to Irving Quant's Carousel. The palming is eliminated. effect:four cards that are inserted into the deck in different places suddenly they gather to the top of the deck.....after a packet of four cards are place in the deck they are suddenly seen in different places in the deck

The following standard moves are used in the tricks but are not described...references are given for all of these:
Hindu Shuffle Control
Overhand In-jog Control Shuffle
Double Lift
Double Undercut
Braue Reversal
Ribbon Spread


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