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Vampire Card Trick Review

August 18th, 2010 2:07pm
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
For a trick that has been around for some years, I'm surprised that I only learned about it through you-tube. It's very visual, kind of like mental photography deck meets packet trick. A man I showed this to ('vampire' being one of my staple packet tricks) said: " there like a little button that you push on the sides of the cards to make the red ink dissapear?!"-an absurd, yet natural explanation to the effect. It's strong.
Some packet effects, for that matter, many effects in general, need additional WORDS to justify the 'why', to the effect. This trick has built in visuals, and story as well. Using three spot/HEART cards, PLUS all RED bicycle backs, easily equates color and image to blood. I use the King of Clubs as the vampire, who could be likened to Vlad the Impaler-if, the audience member has done any homework on vampires! Playing cards behaving like people is a favorite theme with me-court cards and jokers more easily humanized than spot cards. Playing cards as supernatural being, takes it even further. This trick makes sense, plotwise, and it's one of a small group of 'spooky' tricks I pull out from time to time. Another favorite along these lines is "the Devil's Elevator' a Dai Vernon 8 card classic. Same thing: HOW the cards behave, justifies the concept/title-four Kings rising up through 4 red spot cards.
If you get this trick, you'll see that you can make your own versions when the cards wear down-assuming you have access to two types of special bicycle decks. Highly visual, logical story, a touch of the gothic/supernatural, and pretty easy to perform. For me it never fails to earn a strong audience response. I sometimes start off with, 'so-I've got this vampire in my wallet...'
and lo and behold, I prove that a playing card can take on the attributes of a blood sucker...who vanishes after he's had his little snack. I definately recommend this.

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Author: Vincenzo DiFatta
Publisher: Vincenzo Di Fatta (V)
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $1.75
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The magician shows 4 cards: one figure (the vampire) and three numbered cards (the victims). The vampire is placed on one victim and he sucks his blood, leaving the card blank. This is repeated until all three cards are turned blank. To finish even the vampire disappear and his card will turn blank.

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